Mum bans mother-in-law from seeing her baby, one, after he comes home sunburnt because nan ‘doesn’t believe in suncream’

KEEPING your children safe when they’re out in the blazing sun is a no given, right?

But one mum was left raging after her son came home sunburnt, because his grandmother didn’t “believe” suncream.

The mum was left furious after her mother-in-law didn’t apply suncream to her son, saying she ‘didn’t believe in it’Credit: Getty

She was so concerned by the burn that she ended up taking her son to the doctor’s and told her mother-in-law she wasn’t allowed to see her grandson without supervision.

The mum asked Mumsnet for advice on the situation, with other mums flocking into the comments to support her.

The woman explained that her mother-in-law had arranged to take her son out and specially asked for him to wear beach clothing.

Dressed up in a t-shirt and leggings, the mum applied a healthy amount of suncream to her son before his day out.

The woman refused her mother-in-law contact with her son unless she's supervised

The woman refused her mother-in-law contact with her son unless she’s supervisedCredit: Getty

She explained that she had put extra suncream in her son’s bag and told her mother-in-law she would need to slather him up if he was getting out of his pram.

The grandmother agreed with no issues, but three hours later her son had returned home incredibly sunburnt.

She wrote: “I asked about how it was possible when he had factor 50 on and she replied, ‘I don’t believe in suncream as I’ve heard it can cause cancer, so I never put any more on him.”

While the woman was incredibly annoyed with her mother-in-law, her partner said she was being unreasonable by stopping the grandmother see her son.

She added: “My partner says I’m overprotective because he was burnt a lot as a child. I definitely will not be letting him back out with her unless me or my partner is there.”

Even though her partner believed she was being unreasonable, Mumsnet users reassured her that she was doing the right thing.

One person wrote: “Your husband also needs to read up on the risks of childhood sunburn and understand that things will be done differently with your son.”

Another said: “You gave her clear instructions which frankly shouldn’t have been needed. She is a mother and grandmother.”

A third commented: “You also trusted her. She wouldn’t be having my baby again unsupervised for a very long time after exhibiting such stupidity and disrespect.”

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