Mum fills sock with rice and freezes it for her little girl to sleep with and claims it’s perfect for keeping kids cool

THE scorching weather has had Brits tossing and turning struggling to fall asleep at night, desperate for some relief.

But to help her little one fall asleep, one mum swears by a clever freezer hack and claims it’s perfect for keeping the little ones cool.

The sock is filled with rice and kept in the freezer to get cool Credit: Facebook

She shared her hack online revealing that she fills a sock with uncooked rice and pops it in the freezer to get it super cold.

Then her young daughter is able to cuddle it in bed which provides the right amount of comfort to help her fall asleep.

Sharing the Family Lockdown Tips and Tricks Facebook group, the mum said: “Tip for keeping the little ones cool in this heat. Fill a sock with uncooked rice and place in freezer! Makes the rice cold and they can cuddle it to sleep!

And added: “My little girl loves to take a rice sock to bed and definitely helps to keep her cool while falling asleep.”

Other parents decided to try the clever idea too

Other parents decided to try the clever idea tooCredit: Facebook

Desperate parents were super impressed by the simple yet relatively unknown idea, and were grateful to the mum for sharing.

“My kids were sweating last night this is great idea thanx I will defo be trying,” one mum shared.

And another said: “That’s a great idea and good to know it works! Will be doing that 2night. Thankyou.”

Many others vowed they’d try it with their kids, while some even suggested it for themselves.

Parents on Facebook loved the idea

Parents on Facebook loved the ideaCredit: Facebook

Desperate for a solution to the sleepless nights, one woman said: “God I’m pregnant & this heat is killing me! I just might do this for myself!”

Some parents even suggested popping the rice in a zip lock bag first, before putting it inside the sock, to avoid any rice from accidentally escaping.

Considering it’s completely free to do and entails almost not effort whatsoever, we are betting many Brits will be going to sleep hugging their socks tonight.

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