Mum furious at teachers who removed sweets from her son’s lunchbox

A MOTHER was furious when her son was sent home with three months worth of sweets in one go, after they had been confiscated by his teacher each day.

The Australian mum, had included a lolly in her autistic son’s packed lunch each day as a treat alongside plenty of fruit and a sandwich.

The upset mum posted a picture of the packed lunch complete with sandwich, fruit and offending sweetsCredit: Lunchbox Mums/Facebook

The upset mum took to popular Facebook page Lunchbox Mums to say that despite being new to packed lunches she thought she was sending her son to school with a balanced diet.

The list of items included in his daily lunchbox included: a ham and cheese sandwich on wholemeal bread, a yoghurt, a Freddo and the lolly, a selection of fruits and a mousse.

She said: “My son has autism with a few sensory issues, he also has enlarged tonsils which can make swallowing some foods a little more difficult.

“When my son came home with an empty lunch box last week I reached a sense of relief – I had finally been able to find a lunch that was balanced and he was eating.

The upset mum took to Facebook to explain how upset she was that the sweets had been taken away from her autistic son

The upset mum took to Facebook to explain how upset she was that the sweets had been taken away from her autistic sonCredit: Alamy

“I don’t get the option of changing it up regularly as this triggers him and he won’t eat anything.

She then explained that things changed when the school sent home a stock-piled collection of the lollies with “no explanation”.

She continued: “I understand sugar content is quite high, but is one lolly every second day really that bad?

“Please be honest, am I setting him up to fail by letting him have them or am I teaching him that all foods are okay but in moderation.

“Just feeling flat and lost what I can send to school with my son as a ‘treat’ for motivation to get him to eat his lunch.”

Other mums in the group jumped to defend her choice of lunch for her son.

One person said: “How dare they even touch your sons lunch, I’d be going into the school and telling them what’s for.”

The mum was disappointed that her son's lollies had been taken from his lunchbox

The mum was disappointed that her son’s lollies had been taken from his lunchboxCredit: Alamy

While another agreed: “That’s so rude. Personally I don’t think anyone has a right to touch our kids lunches, not their children.”

One mum said: “I’m so sick of schools that dictate ‘what is best’… YOU as a mother know your own child.”

One woman, who also had a child with autism agreed: “Tell the school to mind their own business, I’m a mother of a son with Autism and the school needs to understand that you are doing this for a reason.”

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