Mum gobsmacked as school insist she invites 25 kids to son’s birthday party in her ‘tiny’ flat over ‘entire class’ rule

EVERY parent wants their child to have a fun birthday, especially during the pandemic, but one mum was left shocked by her son’s school’s demand.

The baffled mum took to Reddit on the Am I the A****** thread, to see if she had been unreasonable in a disagreement with her son’s school.

One mum was shocked by her son’s school rule where EVERY child in a class has to be invited to birthday partiesCredit: Getty

She claimed that for her son’s birthday she allowed him to have five friends over to celebrate.

She explained that because her family lived in a small flat, there wasn’t much room to host hordes of kids.

Invitations had been sent to parents over social media and everything was in order.

As the excitement of his birthday built, her son and the invited friends were chatting about it in class – where his teacher overheard.

This supposedly prompted the teacher to email the mother and explain that the school had a rule for parties.

The teacher explained that similar to Valentine’s Day and bringing it treats, you have to invite the whole class to parties.

She was left gobsmacked by this revelation, responding with that she’d never heard of the rule, nor would she be able to host 25 kids in her flat.

The mum stressed that she didn't have the space to accommodate 25 kids

The mum stressed that she didn’t have the space to accommodate 25 kidsCredit: Getty

Instead of understanding the mum’s situation, the teacher suggested that the party be moved to a nearby park instead.

The mum explained that there was no way she would be able to watch and feed all 25 children and said that her son had not been invited to every other child’s birthday party.

But the teacher was not having any of it.

She replied that it was indeed a rule even if others had skirted it and if he didn’t bring invitations for the whole class the next day, he’d have to turn his behaviour card to “double red” and miss breaktime.

So, the mum took matters into her own hands.

Instead of facing the teacher and bringing in invitations, the mum kept her son home from school and took him for a day out – also treating him to an early birthday present.

The mum seemed to get a lot of support from fellow Reddit users, with plenty saying that they had never heard of such a rule.

One user wrote: “How can a school possibly dictate whom you invite into your own home?”

Some people on thread pointed out that this rule could teach children to expect to be included – which is not always the case.

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