Mum left freaked out when baby’s first words are a plea for help

ALL PARENTS secretly hope their baby’s first words will be “mamma” or maybe “dadda” – depending on which you are.

Some parents are mildly disappointed when the child opts for “dog” or “cup” or “train” instead, but they are still proud of their tot’s first attempts at language.

A terrifying mum uploaded a video to TikTok of her baby’s haunting first wordsCredit: TikTok @shawnaannie

What no one expects is for their baby’s first ever words to be a three-word desperate plea for help, but that’s what one freaked-out mum caught on camera.

TikToker Shawnaannie uploaded a video of her baby – unfortunately named Rona pre-pandemic – saying her first three words.

The tiny tot can be seen gargling and making generally cute baby noises in the video before clearly saying: “Help me mum.”

She uploaded the video with the caption: “When your daughter’s first words are a plea for help. Terrifying.”

 The tiny tot clearly said: "Help me mum!" and viewers were shocked

The tiny tot clearly said: “Help me mum!” and viewers were shockedCredit: TikTok @shawnaannie

People jumped in the comments to say how creepy they found the tot’s message.

One said: “NOPE.”

And another said: “Three words SO CLEAR.”

To which the mum replied: “Never said a damn syllable before it either but she was baby talking up a storm. I can’t believe I caught it.”

In a bizarre twist, the someone asked if she did, in fact, help the little one.

The mum replied: “That shook me. I took her to the paediatrician, who sent us to the cardiologist who heard a murmur. She had surgery less than a month later.”

One person replied: “This comment shook me more. She was actually telling you something!”

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