Mum left in hysterics as son raids teenage sisters’ make-up bags to give himself a brow makeover

WE ALL know too well to keep our make-up bags stashed away from little hands if you don’t want to find your favourite lipstick on the walls or your best eyeshadow smashed to pieces on the floor.

But one mum was left in hysterics when her son decided to target his sisters’ make-up bags instead and grabbed their false eyelashes to give himself a makeover.

One mum was left in stitches after her son raided his older sisters’ make-upCredit: Facebook

Mum Katie Wightman couldn’t help herself and decided to share her son’s hilarious brow transformation with fellow parents on Facebook.

Posting in group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas, Katie shared a snap of her son cheekily making use of his siblings’ false eyelashes to up his brow game.

After noticing they’d left their make-up bags out for him to get his hands on, the boy then stuck them over his own eyebrows and left his mum in stitches as he surprised her downstairs.

Katie wrote: “Anyone else got teenage girls that just don’t put stuff away had to double take?”

She had to “double take” after noticing he’d stuck false lashes to his eyebrowsCredit: Facebook

She teased: “Had to double take. He was so proud.”

Nearly 6000 people liked her post, with hundreds commenting sharing their own experience of their kids getting creative with their beauty products.

Revealing their little girl had done similar with their lashes, a fellow mum posted: “My daughter did this with my lashes. Caught her checking herself out in the mirror.”

Another joked: “My brother tried to kill my false eyelash, thinking it was a spider. That was years ago.”

“Looks lovely. Wait till he gets hold of the sanitary towels,” joked another mum.

A fourth teased: “Ha ha he’s gonna love this pic on his 18th birthday,” while others joked that people would pay “good money” for brows as full as her son’s false ones.

One more added: “My youngest son is nearly 7 and he loves false eyelashes he normally sticks them to the mirror or makes himself a tash!”

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