Mum makes gorgeous DIY teepee for her kids & all you need is a cardboard box

A MUM has shared her amazing hack for turning a cardboard box into a magical DIY teepee – and commenters say it’s ‘incredible’. 

Instagram account @crafty.moms shared the easy hack with their followers and quickly went viral for the “adorable” idea.

This mum used a cardboard box to create a gorgeous DIY teepeeCredit: Instagram / @crafty.moms

The mum listed everything you need for this DIY project to turn out perfectly.

She said people who wanted to try the hack would need a big cardboard box, a glue gun, a cutter, bedsheets and a duvet, fairy lights and lots of books.

The mum shows how she creates the super cute teepee. 

First, you simply cut open a cardboard box to make it a flat rectangle when laid out on the floor. 

The finished results were stunning

The finished results were stunningCredit: Instagram / @crafty.moms

Then, just fold it in half and prop it up, so it’s in an upright triangular position. 

Now that you’ve got the structure, all you have to do is decorate.

Take a bedsheet and throw it over the top of the cardboard teepee, then add some fairy lights, and throw a duvet inside the structure.

Now you’ve got a gorgeous tent for your little one to play or read in. 

The mum said the hack was a huge success: “This took me around 20min, and it was totally worth it! 

“The end result was magical and my kids were impressed and so happy! 

“If you are looking to encourage your kids reading habits, this is a great idea, it definitely worked for us, and they spent the whole afternoon inside it playing and reading.”

Commenters said the hack was 'adorable'

Commenters said the hack was ‘adorable’Credit: Instagram / @crafty.moms

The mum said she made the tent on a rug so that it wouldn’t slide around, but if you’ve got wooden or tiled floors, you can just place a pillow on either side of the teepee. 

She also warned that if you choose to use LED lights, you shouldn’t leave your kids unattended, and you must unplug them after use.

The DIY project has racked up over 15,000 likes and commenters were super impressed with the idea.

“This is amazing”, enthused one viewer, while another wrote: “Ohhhh I love this!”

A third said: “I use so many of your ideas thank you for always posting.”

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