Mum praised for easy ‘busy bag’ idea which keeps kids entertained for hours and is totally FREE

IT’S no secret that kids are expensive, and it’s easy to spend hundreds on exciting new toys and tablets to keep your tots entertained.

This mum, however, has shared an amazing free hack for keeping her one-year-old happy when they’re out in public. 

The mum lets her baby play with ‘trash’Credit: @menzennial/Tiktok

The mum and Tiktok user, who goes only by the name @menzennial, shared the video and was met with oodles of praise from admiring parents.

When going out in public with her son, she packs him a “busy bag”, which is an old make up bag full of things to keep him entertained.

In the video, she explained the criteria for what should go inside a busy bag.

“Good option for a busy bag to me is something that I don’t care about losing”, she said.

Plain old packaging is a great toy, she says

Plain old packaging is a great toy, she saysCredit: @menzennial/Tiktok

She also said the things inside the bag should be things that her son doesn’t usually see, things he ”does not have access to it on a daily basis,so it’ll be kind of special”. 

She explained: “The things that fit both of those categories are usually trash.”

By “trash”, the mum really does mean rubbish – things that would otherwise be in the bin.

She then outlined what exactly is inside her son’s busy bag.

She explained: “So, like, this is a top to a creamer that he can do that with.

“This is just the lid to a pouch. 

She chopped a straw in half for her baby to fiddle with

She chopped a straw in half for her baby to fiddle withCredit: @menzennial/Tiktok

The mum even lets her kid play with an empty pill bottle

The mum even lets her kid play with an empty pill bottleCredit: @menzennial/Tiktok

“This is a syringe holder, and I put just like, a straw cut in half so he can mess with that.”

She even includes an instruction booklet for a sound machine for her one-year-old to play with.

Finally, she includes wipes because he “loves cleaning the table”.

The mum brings her son’s busy bag with her when they head out as a way to avoid her son getting too much screen time.

She says that before allowing her son to use a tablet, she will “rely on other things first”.

Her video has racked up views and parents were totally on board with the affordable, simple hack.

“Yep. They love trash and if you leave it behind no loss”, wrote one viewer.

Another said: “Honestly you hit the nail on the head going straight to various packaging and trash bc babies be like that.”

“This is honestly next level mom tips tho”, enthused one commenter, and a second wrote: “As a first time mom this is the kind of stuff I need to know!! Brilliant”

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