Mum reveals how to get a pricey Build-A-Bear for a fraction of the price for your child’s birthday

A MUM has shared how to save money on your kids’ birthday presents – and it’s super simple.

She says not enough mums know about the hack, and commenters agree it’s amazing.

Marwa says not enough mums know about this hackCredit: TikTok/marwasammi

Tiktok user Marwa shared the hack with her followers and quickly went viral for her amazing strategy.

In the video, she says: “This is super random but I feel like not enough moms know about this. Build-A-Bear can be super expensive.

“But during your child’s birth month, you actually only have to pay their age. So, let’s say they’re turning one, you only pay $1.”

In the UK, of course, if your child is turning one, you only pay £1 for their birthday bear. 

Commenters agree it's a gamechanger

Commenters agree it’s a gamechangerCredit: TikTok/marwasammi

Marwa adds: “And they get to do the whole process. They get to do the stuffing, put the little heart in it, and it’s so inexpensive.”

You do have to pay more for the costume for your child’s bear – but this mum has another great hack for saving money where this is concerned.

She says: “When my children want to change them out of their real costumes, they just put little onesies on them.”

Her kids use baby clothes to dress their bears affordably

Her kids use baby clothes to dress their bears affordablyCredit: TikTok/marwasammi

Her hack is completely confirmed on the Build-A-Bear website, which states that the Count Your Candles offer is available across all UK stores and outlets. 

The offer has actually got even better in recent weeks – if your child had a birthday in lockdown, the team at Build-A-Bear will allow them to use the Count Your Candles promotion retrospectively.

That means you can use the promotion for any child who missed their birthday celebration between March 2020 and now. 

There’s no need to bring in any proof of age or identification, the store simply requires you to set up an account for free online and you can claim a super affordable bear for your little one.

Commenters were totally obsessed with this hack and couldn’t wait to try it for themselves.

“Oh my goodness I didn’t know and I have three kiddos, I literally spent over $60 when I purchased two bears with their costume and shoes”, wrote one mum.

Another said: “Thank you for this! My son wanted me to take him there but it’s so expensive!! His birthday is this month.”

A third simply said: “OMG thank you for sharing this!”

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