Organised mum shows off her kids’ huge Christmas present stash

CHRISTMAS is fast approaching and families are gearing up for the festive celebrations.

Hoping to get a head start, one eager mum showed off her very impressive present stash for her three kids – aged eight, three and two – but revealed she still has more shopping to do.

Her son already has a motorbike waiting for him as well as a range of board games and toys

Both her daughters have a new tablet and a selection of toys

Both her daughters have a new tablet and a selection of toys

The mum said she'd hoping to get more presents to add to each of their piles

The mum said she’d hoping to get more presents to add to each of their piles

We’re not talking a couple of gifts each either as the massive piles of toys, board games and dolls completely covered her floor.

The organised mum shared snaps of her present stash in a dedicated Christmas Facebook page where she asked other parents for some more ideas.

She wrote: “This is my 8, 3 and 2 year old piles so far. Does anyone have any ideas for other presents? I’m also thinking either a full pop up shop or a dolls house for my girls.”

In addition to a range of fun board games, her eight-year-old son appears to have a Makita motorbike waiting for him.

And the younger two each have their very own tablet waiting to be opened, in addition to loads of fun toys.

Other parents were seriously impressed by the growing collection of presents, with many gushing over the minibike.

“You have some good piles there. Them kids are defo going to have glowing faces come Christmas morning,” one said.

Another joked: “Wish I was your child”

A third said: “Your son will love his bike, my son loves his.”

With a fourth adding: “Quality not quantity I’d say there’s enough there.”

The mum agreed there are loads of gifts already, but she’s still keen to get a few more things.

She said: “I now just want a few art and crafty bits a dolls house for my girls and there Christmas eve nick nacks and I’m done.” (sic)

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