Thrifty mum shares how she bagged £30 Morrisons shop for just £3 after struggling to make ends meet before payday

A MUM-OF-THREE revealed how she bagged a £30 Morrisons shop for just £3 after struggling to make ends meet before payday.

Alice Griffiths, 25, from Southport, was down to her last £5 when she ordered a £3.09 “Magic Box” from Morrisons through the Too Good To Go app.

Mum-of-three Alice Griffiths was down to her last £5 before payday when she ordered one of Morrisons’ ‘Magic Boxes’Credit: Latest Deals

In an interview with Latest Deals, the thrifty mum explained how she was able to feed her family for a week using the service – which offers shoppers discounted food which is past the “best before” date but is still fine to eat.

Alice said: “I knew that at the least I would get enough vegetables for soup and so on for us to last a couple of days.

“This was my fourth box, and I would say this one was definitely worth it! It had enough meals to feed me and my husband for the next seven days.”

Praising the “game-changing” service, Alice explained how she received a chicken pie, two microwave carbonaras, mushrooms, cheesy chicken breasts, bacon, cook in the bag chicken, lettuce, a microwave mash, vegetable medley, sausages and a microwave fish and chips in one box.

The £3.09 box contained enough food to feed the family for a week

The £3.09 box contained enough food to feed the family for a weekCredit: Latest Deals

She has previously received boxes full of sweet treats

She has previously received boxes full of sweet treatsCredit: Latest Deals

She added: “If I paid full price for all of that I reckon it would have cost around £25 to £30.”

However, the mum revealed that you never know exactly what you’ll get in the boxes – and has previously received ones full of fruit and veg and one with donuts.

Offering up her top tips, Alice said: “The new boxes get released each evening around 18:15 on the Too Good To Go app and you have to keep refreshing the page until it says available. They sell out so fast!”

And to make her food shop go a little bit further, Alice will freeze vegetable portions and loafs of bread – and joked that her “freezer is [her] best friend”.

What’s more, the bargain-hunting mum also likes to shop in the reduced aisle of the supermarket to get the best deals as well as using food wastage-fighting organisations like Too Good To Go.

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