Woman shows off ‘unique’ granny and grandson relationship in one telling photo – so can YOU spot what’s going on?

A MUM has shared a hilarious photo of her mother and her son – and it perfectly illustrates their “unique” relationship.

She shared the photo on Facebook and commenters think it’s absolutely hysterical – but can you spot what’s so funny?

If you look closely, you’ll see a water gun pointed directly at Teresa’s headCredit: FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS/Facebook

Kimberley Waite took a picture of her mum, Teresa Thorpe, relaxing in the garden with her eyes closed, just enjoying the glorious weather.

The picture’s caption, however, indicates that something mysterious is afoot in the photo.

She wrote: “Show me your Son and Mother have one of those ‘unique’ relationships without telling me they do. When you see it you’ll realise.”

On closer inspection, you can see a water pistol poking through the garden furniture, right at Teresa’s head. 

Kimberley explained: “He’s always playing tricks on her, they have such a wicked relationship it’s one of a kind.”

Teresa’s grandson Evan was playing a prank on his nana, and commenters thought it was hysterical.

The post quickly racked up 5,500 likes in Facebook group FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS, and commenters were amused by the post.

Many mums were inspired to share stories of their sons and their unique relationships.

One mum wrote: “My boys are both mummy’s boys, my oldest is 16 & youngest is 3, my daughter has her work cut out with both of them! Especially if my youngest grows up to have his brother’s sense of humour!”

“I have 2 amazing boys, honestly couldn’t thank my fiancé more for giving me them, they saved me and I thank them forever, my golden boys”, wrote another.

A third mum wrote: “My son is 23 now – I had him at 17 and he’s has Aspergers. We have a very special relationship like no other. Very close even tho now 250 miles away!”

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