Woman sparks online debate about the ‘correct’ way to store crisps

TRYING to keep your kitchen cupboards neat and tidy can sometimes be impossible to complete.

But one woman sparked an interesting debate in the Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It Facebook group about what is the “correct” way to store packets of crisps.

The post’s author asked for help to find the right way for storying her crispsCredit: Facebook / Hollie Woodcock

Confessing that crisps are the one thing she can never seem to organise; she asks others how they do it.

“My tatty cardboard box is my hidden shame,” she wrote, along with a pile of different crisps.

A lot of people claimed that the crisps should be stored in a plastic box and put in an ambient temperature cupboard – or on top of the fridge.

However, there were some people got a little more creative.

Stacey Solomon inspired many of the group to install a tension rail and hang each bag on pegs

Stacey Solomon inspired many of the group to install a tension rail and hang each bag on pegsCredit: Instagram

One person wrote: “Hang them up, ya can but little peg for them.”

Someone else shared their method, “Tension rod and rings,” they said.

One group member shocked others with her unusual storage technique.

She said: “In the fridge. Everyone asks me if they go soggy. Nope, they just go cold and stay really crunchy.”

Another joked: “I store ours inside my children. And my husband.”

Some people even have dedicated drawers for their snacks

Some people even have dedicated drawers for their snacksCredit: Facebook / Joanne Page

One group member even said they’d turned their built-in recycling bins into their very own crisp drawers.

The author of the post revealed that her family had moved into their house three years and have been using the cardboard crisp box ever since.

The overwhelming majority of the comments leaned in favour of a good old plastic box to keep their crisps in order.

But there are many ways you could store your crisps, so is there really a correct way?

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