Mother and daughter launch candle company inspired by family holidays

Sian Kosinski and her daughter Sophie (Picture: PA Real Life)

A mother and daughter have taken their love of travelling to a new level.

The pair have brought out a range of upmarket candles inspired by scents from their favourite family holiday destinations.

Sian Kosinski, 57, and her daughter Sophie, 27, have named the candles after keepsakes they brought back from their trips – including The Key, The Feather and The Fan.

Prices range from £15 to £375 and the pieces nod to hotspots such as Dubai, France, and Spain.

Sian said: ‘We’ve travelled extensively and wherever we’ve been, I would always remember the smells.

‘When we decided that we were going to set up our own home fragrance company, we thought linking it into the travelling and the objects that Sophie would bring back was the obvious thing to do for us, because it was something so personal.

‘It’s a family business and we wanted that to be reflected in the products we made.’

Sophie and Sian's candle range debuted in Harvey Nichols. (Clare Harding/PA Real Life)

The pair named the candles after keepsakes their brought back from trips (Picture: Clare Harding/PA Real Life)

Sian, pictured here with Sophie and James on holiday in Spain, used the kids' childhood travels as inspiration for her scents. (Collect/PA Real Life)

The family on holiday in Spain (Picture: PA Real Life)

Sophie James Mayfair candle (Picture: Sophie James Mayfair)

Each scent pays tribute to a different destination (Picture: Sophie James Mayfair)

The duo are also passionate about trying to enhance the burning experience for customers. 

Sian added: ‘We noticed there were a lot of issues with candles on the market. They funnelled as they burned, which meant a lot of wax was left over on the sides, or the quality wasn’t great.

‘We saw there was a gap in the market for candles that were carefully created. We put a lot of thought into them and wanted to add our own family story into our product.

‘We didn’t want to just manufacture any candle, we wanted our products to have a personal touch and we poured everything into them.

‘It was important to us to use sustainable materials, so we use all plant-based waxes with no paraffin.’

The family love to travel and wanted to bring a personal touch to their business. (Collect/PA Real Life)

Sian with her children (Picture: PA Real Life)

The mother and daughter duo have candles inspired by trips to Dubai, France and more. (Collect/PA Real Life)

They have a candle inspired by trips to Dubai (Picture: PA Real Life)

Sian, Sophie and James have travelled extensively over the years. (Collect/PA Real Life)

A family throwback snap (Picture: PA Real Life)

The Coin candle aims to bring visions of a French courtyard, in the form of a woody fig fragrance with green floral hints.

Whereas The Feather is what the pair describe as a ‘quintessentially British’ candle, with top notes of apple, pear, lemon, mandarin and loganberry.

Elsewhere, The Key candle is inspired by Dubai, with notes of local perfumes and aftershaves – designed to transport smellers to the Middle East.

Sian with younger Sophie. (Collect/PA Real Life)

Sian says the candle bring back memories (Picture: PA Real Life)

They hope the candles will bring back memories for other families too. (Collect/PA Real Life)

The pair first launched in 2016 (Picture: PA Real Life)

Sophie and James, pictured here in Egypt. (Collect/PA Real Life)

Sophie and her brother James in Egypt (Picture: PA Real Life)

Their business, Sophie James Mayfair, first launched back in 2016 at Harvey Nichols – but since the pandemic, Sian and Sophie have launched a website so customers can order them from home.

As well as the new site, they have also released small sets of their signature scents for people to try before purchasing a full-sized candle.

Sian said: ‘Being online in the last 12 months has changed how we work and it’s made us more connected with the end-consumer and we’ve been able to get more feedback from them and our online turnover has skyrocketed.

‘We’re now in talks with a business in Morocco and hope to launch candles there soon, and we have a sales agent helping us break into the eastern American market.’

Sian says the candles also act as a lovely tribute to all the special times the family have shared together over the years.

She said: ‘I only have to light one of the candles and the scent takes me right back to a holiday we shared when the kids were younger.

‘They’re full of lovely memories and, because the scents are all inspired by those places, we hope they will bring back memories for other people too.’

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