You can apply for a job working in a remote castle off the UK coast

The picturesque spot (Picture: Getty)

Has lockdown given you a taste for remote living?

If so, a new job opportunity could be right up your street.

One company is looking to recruit someone to live and work in a remote island castle off the British coast.

The team at St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall is now looking for a live-in castle officer to join them.

This chosen individual will be expected to stay at the castle at least five nights a week and take a ‘hands-on approach’ to maintenance duties.

For those not clued- up, St Michael’s Mount is a tidal island in Marazion bay and the area has a population of just 30 people.

The island takes its name from St Michael – who supposedly appeared to a group of fishermen in 495 AD – and the oldest surviving buildings date back to the 12th century.

It can only be accessed by boat or through a man-made cobbled causeway that is available between mid and low-tide.

So people with sea sickness are advised not to apply for this position.

St Michaels Mount in England

How to access when the tide is out (Picture: SWNS)

On the website, the team explains they are looking for someone ‘who is excited to further build on their experience and make the most of all learning opportunities.’

They add: ‘You will be able to demonstrate the highest levels of discretion, be compassionate with a tactful demeanour, have a strong motivation to be based in West Cornwall and above all be a strong team player where flexibility is essential.’

Some other duties include cleaning, researching and developing displays and managing public rooms – something pretty important with around 350,000 people visiting the island every year.

Anyone interested should send a CV and a short covering statement to [email protected]

Castle steward Duncan Murdoch told the BBC: ‘The best thing about living here is having a sea view from every window.

‘The worst thing is not being able to get a pizza delivered to your door.’

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