Brits more fussed about en-suites than swimming pools in their ‘dream home’ fantasies

FORGET a swimming pool or sauna – all Brits want in their ‘dream home’ is an en-suite bathroom, research shows.

En-suites topped the list of what Brits would have in their dream home if money was no object, with walk-in wardrobes coming in second.

Brits spend 14 minutes a day fantasising about their ‘dream home’Credit: Getty

The research, commissioned by The Grand Draw – a company which holds raffles for Brits to be in with a chance of winning a new home – showed people preferred ‘mundane’ amenities over flash ones.

Having more natural light was third on the list, followed by a summer house in the garden and a bigger kitchen.

One in three adults would want a swimming pool – indoors or outdoors – in their dream home.

Around 22% would want it to come equipped with a state-of-the-art gym.

Only 18% of respondents believe they currently live in their ‘dream home’.

Top 10 features Brits want in their dream home

BRITS are more fussed about whether their ‘dream house’ has a en-suite in it than if it has a swimming pool.

Here’s the top 10 list of features Brits want in their ideal home if money was no object, according to research by The Grand Draw:

1. An en-suite bathroom
2. Walk-in wardrobes
3. More natural light
4. A summer house
5. A bigger kitchen for baking/cooking
6. A state-of-the-art kitchen
7. A place in the countryside/further from the city
8. More kitchen cupboard space for stocking up food
9. Balcony
10. A home within walking distance to local food shops

Another 64% don’t think they’ll ever make it to dream home status, as 75% blame a lack of money.

Around 13% don’t think they’ll ever find the perfect property.

Three in 10 say fantasising about their dream home is one of their ‘go to’ daydreams, spending an average of 14 minutes a day imagining an upgraded living space.

Three quarters fear they’ll never be able to live in their perfect residence without a lottery win, according to the OnePoll research.

But if the unlikely did happen and Brits won big, 43% would up sticks to a new area – while 35% would stay in the same location, just in a better house.

The research comes as The Grand Draw is offering Brits the chance to win a £1.1million mansion – Orleton House – in a raffle.

A spokesperson for The Grand Draw said: “We were surprised that a lot of things that people would really like aren’t things you’d only find in a mega-mansion.

“It turns out that many people have fairly modest requirements for what they consider to be their dream property.

“Tickets for the raffle are 10 for £5, and if £1.7m worth of entries have been bought by June 30th, the winner will become the proud new owner of Orleton House near Ludlow, Shropshire – and two charities, Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity and Beacon, will also split £100,000.”

A couple have bought a £350k ‘dream’ home next to busy A-road – but now need earplugs as it’s so NOISY.

Another couple bought their dream home but haven’t moved in for a YEAR after the owner refused to leave thanks to legal loophole.

Here are five dream stamp duty holiday homes under £500,000 – including one with a heated indoor swimming pool and sauna.

EastEnders’ Danny Dyer builds £5,000 igloo in his garden for knees-ups with pals


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