Five-bedroom Victorian house for sale has a massive ball pit in the basement

You’d never guess what’s hidden inside this home from the exterior (Picture: Jam Press/Roost Estate Agents)

From the outside, this five-bedroom Victorian house in Abbey Park Road in Grimsby, looks like any other boring home.

But inside is a very exciting secret.

Down in the basement sits a massive playroom, filled to the brim with multicoloured balls.

Yep, this house comes with its very own ball pit. What a dream.

The property, which was built in 1890, is pretty classic throughout, until you get to the basement.

There are plenty of original period features, while the decor is fairly plain and ready for a family to put their stamp on it.

There are five bedrooms, five bedrooms, three reception rooms, and a kitchen/diner, spread out over four floors.

Kitchen diner

The interiors are a bit plain, but have potential (Picture: Jam Press/Roost Estate Agents)

bedroom in victorian home in grimsby

There are five bedrooms to choose from (Picture: Jam Press/Roost Estate Agents)

But as you might expect, it’s the ball pit we’re most excited about.

Head downstairs in the property and you’ll discover the bright yellow playroom, complete soft insets on the walls, a platform to jump off, and, of course, many, many plastic balls.

This could make it the perfect home for a family with children, or for a bunch of housemates to split. Who wouldn’t like to follow up a long day at work with a dip in the ball pit?

The basement ball pit

The basement ball pit is the star of the show Jam Press/Roost Estate Agents)

The property is up for sale through Roost Estate Agents, with an asking price of £475,000.

And while the kitchen and bedrooms are a bit bland, we reckon the ball pit more than makes up for that – and justifies that price tag.

‘In my 11 years in the industry, I’ve never seen a ball pit in a property,’ said Richard Ladd, director of Roost Estate Agents.

‘[It’s] a random act of brilliance.’

Lounge in five-bedroom victorian house

The home is up for sale for £475,000 (Picture: Jam Press/Roost Estate Agents)

It could make for a great renovation project (Picture: Jam Press/Roost Estate Agents)

garden of five-bedroom victorian house

Just promise us you’ll keep the ball pit (Picture: Jam Press/Roost Estate Agents)

Weirdly, the Rightmove listing doesn’t make a big deal of the unusual feature, giving it a quick mention while listing off the different rooms.

Instead, the ad notes that there’s a ‘feature stained glass window’ on the first floor, which is… also cool, we guess.

‘Overall a simply stunning period detached home which really has to be viewed to fully appreciated all of what is on offer,’ it continues.

The listing also notes that the property has potential for further development.

While we agree that the bedrooms could use some work, we beg that whoever buys this home doesn’t scrap the ball pit. Don’t destroy our dreams.

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