Rock legend Glenn Hughes on his 1970s ‘sanctuary’ in Staffordshire

The Midlands isn’t the first place you’d expect to find the Black Sabbath singer (Picture: Metro.couk/ Getty)

A singer with the likes of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, Glenn Hughes is known as the ‘Voice of Rock’ and even lived in the Midlands — the undisputed centre of 1970s rock ’n’ roll.

But when it came to his first home, the wildest life got was a bit of gardening and shovelling snow.

In 2019 Glenn joined renowned hard rock collective The Dead Daisies as bassist and vocalist.

Earlier this year the band released its much-anticipated new album Holy Ground to critical acclaim and they tour the UK next month.

When did you buy your first home?

The first home I bought was in Penkridge, Staffordshire in 1971. It’s a very beautiful area of the Midlands, very green and tranquil. A lot of my music friends moved to Penkridge. It seemed the place to be for a few years.

What prompted you to buy?

I wanted to buy a property for an investment and to have a base and home to return to after a tour cycle. This was at the very start of my career, and it was important to me to have a place to call my own.

Was it a party house full of rock ’n’ roll excess?

There was no rock‘n’roll excess at this home. I was young and the home meant more to me as a break from touring, rather than bringing the touring home, if that makes sense. It was a beautiful home that I could escape to.

What type of property was it?

It was a brand new-built country-style house, two storeys, three bedrooms with three bathrooms. It also had a beautiful garden at the rear. It really was a peaceful sanctuary.

Any quirks to the place?

It was a pretty standard layout and being a new-build there were no eerie secrets hidden away, but it was full of charm and character. I loved being there. It was perfect for me at that time.

Did you get handy with the DIY?

No, it was all pretty much set up and ready to go once I got my keys. Of course, I furnished it to my taste at the time but as it was a new-build there wasn’t a lot for me to do other than tend to the garden.

How did buying a place change your life?

Buying this property was a beautiful moment for me, I was a touring musician at the time, and it gave me responsibility. Keeping the grounds maintained as well as the normal day-to-day running. It gave me a sense of pride.

I have fallen in love with every property that I have owned, I have always made my homes a loving environment, with lots of music and laughter.

What did you learn from buying?

I learned how to shovel snow. Being in the countryside we didn’t have the pleasure of the council gritters coming by on an evening. We used to have real winters back in the 1970s. I had some great relationships with my neighbours, too, it was a real sense of community.

Do you sing in the shower at home?

I have always sung in the shower and long may that continue. I sing at every opportunity I get; I like to keep my voice warm and fresh.

Do you write music and record at home?

I’m a prolific writer of music and I am always trying to capture my musical thoughts. It was harder to record at home back then, unless you had the old four track. Nowadays, it’s as easy as pressing record on your phone or tablet.

Best bit of property advice?

If you are lucky enough to get yourself on the property ladder these days, I would suggest trying to buy to rent and to create a portfolio of properties.

You don’t need to have a lot of lavish properties but if you can make them pay and work for you, then that would be my advice.

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