Three-bed house goes on sale for £50k, but it’ll need a major clean-up

The three-bedroom house in Halifax isn’t in the best shape (Picture: Rightmove)

Look, we’ll be real with you.

This particular house doesn’t exactly qualify as property porn. It doesn’t give that ‘dream home’ feeling.

But it is an absolute bargain, with an asking price of £49,995 for the three-bedroom house in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Why it’s so cheap quickly becomes apparent when you step inside.

The house is a bit run-down, to put it gently.

Or, to be blunt, it’s full of rubbish and muck. Plus, it’s had quite a bit of fire damage, evident from the black walls in the bathroom and the soot lining some of the appliances.

House for sale in Halifax

It’s actually larger than it looks from the outside (Picture: Rightmove)

living room in halifax house

…but it’s more than a little run-down (Picture: Rightmove)

In a video tour of the property, estate agent Adam, from Protheroe Property, explains: ‘As you can see, it has suffered quite significant damages, is probably the best way to put it.

‘Everything can be fixed, of course, but it’s not for the faint-hearted, this property.

‘It will probably become apparent what’s happened here as we go around, but we can’t mention certain bits and bobs.’

The ‘bits and bobs’ might be referring to the room filled with some… interesting plants, which now appear to have withered and died.

House for sale in Halifax - plants in bedroom

There’s some interesting greenery in one of the rooms (Picture: Rightmove)

House for sale in Halifax - plastic sheets on walls

There are three bedrooms in total, plus an ‘occasional room’ (Picture: Rightmove)

House for sale in Halifax

The kitchen is downstairs on the basement level (Picture: Rightmove)

‘You can probably see what’s been occurring,’ says Adam, as he shows off the room, ‘without pointing out the obvious.’

So, what other delights lie inside?

Despite its less-than-stellar state, the house does actually have some potential, with three bedrooms (plus an ‘occassional room’, which can’t be described as a bedroom as it doesn’t have any windows), a lounge, a basement kitchen, and a bathroom.

Enter through the wooden front door and you’ll be greeted by the lounge, complete with grubby carpeted floors and a spare door propped up against the sofa.

House for sale in Halifax - fire damaged hallway

The house has also suffered a lot of fire damage (Picture: Rightmove)

It looks like the former residents may have left in a hurry, as there’s deodorant and a bottle of water left in this room, too.

Down in the basement is a kitchen and diner, then if you go upstairs, you’ll find the bulk of the fire damage.

The first bedroom is in okay shape, but the ‘occasional room’ is a tad burnt.

Also on this floor is the bathroom, which has piles of dirt on the floor, soot lining the walls, and rubbish stashed in the bathtub. So quite the DIY project, basically.

House for sale in Halifax - bathroom with fire damage

The bathroom could make a great DIY project, if you’re ready to get creative (Picture: Rightmove)

House for sale in Halifax

Can you see the potential? (Picture: Rightmove)

Go upstairs again and there are two more bedrooms, plus a separate WC.

One of the rooms has lots of potted plants and old wiring, while another has plastic lining the walls and canes hanging around the ceiling.

There’s also a large bucket filled with mouldy water and pipes in the hallway. Fun.

House for sale in Halifax

The home is on sale for £49,995 (Picture: Rightmove)

The house, described as ‘in need of full refurbishment’, is up for sale for £49,995.

If you fancy a proper project to dig your teeth into, you can arrange a viewing through Rightmove.

Just one more warning from Adam: ‘Don’t wear any white jeans when you come to view this property.’

A wise idea.

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