How to get a free 24-pack of Aldi nappies

YOU can pick up a free pack of 24 nappies from Aldi with a new voucher from Netmums.

The Mamia size one newborn nappies usually costs 79p from Aldi but you’ll be able to nab a pack completely free of charge by filling out a simple form.

The pack is usually 79p but you can pick up one completely free of charge

You can pick up a 22 pack of size one Pampers from Tesco for £3.50 in comparison, which works out to be 16p per nappy compared to Aldi’s 3p per nappy – a saving of 13p per nappy even before the freebie.

The deal was spotted on Martin Lewis’ MoneySavingExpert site where the process of redeeming the free pack was explained.

Netmums is looking for families to try out the Mamia nappies, so the site has introduced a sign-up form where you can register for the freebie.

To claim the pack you just have to fill out your details on Netmums’ free-sample form and then you’ll be mailed a voucher for one pack of newborn nappies.

Once you have your voucher all you need to do is take it to your local Aldi store to redeem at the checkout. 

The voucher could take up to two weeks to reach you but when you get it, it’ll be valid to use until Dec 31 next year.

Even though Netmums has set up the offer for parents to sample the nappies, you won’t have to leave any feedback or get tied into anything as you can simply take advantage of the freebie while it’s on offer.

The promotion launched yesterday with 100,000 vouchers up for grabs, but the deal is set to end when all of those have been claimed, so you’ll have to be quick.

The nappies in the pack are designed to have up to two times faster absorption and they’re also hypoallergenic, and have a wetness indicator which lets you know when it’s time for a fresh one.

They are made to fit babies weighing between 4-11lbs but it’s not necessarily guaranteed that your local Aldi will have the pack in stock.

Aldi doesn’t offer delivery for this kind of item on its website either, so you will have to venture out to cash in on the deal.

You can check where your closest store is with Aldi’s locator tool but it might be best to use the voucher when you’re doing a bigger shop, rather than making a special trip, to avoid disappointment.

The store does offer delivery via Deliveroo for a few select household and toiletry items, but while you can pick up Mamia baby wipes, the nappies aren’t on there.

You can also pick up three free cookies at Subway with a new sign-up reward from the sandwich shop.

There’s still time to cash in on Burger King’s deal too, where you can get a free Whopper that the fast-food chain is giving away with Deliveroo.

Here’s all the deals, discounts and freebies that chains are offering now lockdown restrictions have eased a bit more as well.

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