How to get three FREE cookies at Subway

HUNGRY Brits with a sweet tooth can get three cookies for free at Subway if they download the chain’s app.

You can sign up for free to the Subway’s Rewards scheme to get the free tasty treats – but you’ll have to buy a foot-long sub too.

You can get three free cookies from Subway when you download the appCredit: Alamy

To get the deal, you’ll need to download the Subway app.

It’s free to download via Google Play or the App Store.

When setting up an account, you’ll have to include a few personal details such as your email address, date of birth and phone number.

Once you’ve set this up, head to the app’s homepage where there will be a QR code.

You need to show this code to your server at Subway when you’re paying for your foot-long sub.

They will then add three cookies for free onto your order.

Which cookies are included in the Subway deal?

YOU can choose from six cookie flavours when retrieving your free snacks from Subway.

These flavours are:

  • chocolate chunk
  • double chocolate
  • rainbow candy chip
  • white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies
  • raspberry cheesecake cookies
  • vegan double choc chip cookies

Or, you can get the deal by using Subway’s click and collect service via its app.

Add a foot-long sub and three cookies to your basket, and the promotion will automatically be applied at the checkout.

Prices for foot-long subs vary depending on what flavour you buy – as well as which store you buy it from.

This is because Subway is franchise owned, meaning its up to the owner of the store to set the cost.

But according to prices from Fast Food Menu Prices UK, prices start at £5.39 and can cost as much as £7.87.

Prices for cookies vary too, but a pack of three cookies would usually set you back £1.19 – or you can buy individual cookies for 59p.

There are six types of cookie flavours you can choose from which are: chocolate chunk, double chocolate, rainbow candy chip, white chocolate and macadamia nut, raspberry cheesecake, and vegan double choc chip.

You’d better be quick though – the deal runs out on May 31.

Subway isn’t the only chain offering free grub to customers. 

Burger King has teamed up with Deliveroo to offer customers a free Whopper burger, usually worth around £4.49, when they order a takeaway.

The deal runs up until May 20, and it’s only available if you order through the Deliveroo app.

Earlier this month, McDonald’s launched a money-saving deal to customers too, slashing the price of its entire menu by 25%.

Here’s all the deals, discounts and FREEBIES chains are offering from May 17 as restrictions ease more.

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