How to sign up for early access before the deadline

NEXT has released details on how to get early access to its highly anticipated summer sale.

The deadline is June 30 though, so you’ll have to be quick to sign up before entry closes at the end of the month.

You can’t shop the sale early in-store but you can onlineCredit: AFP – Getty

Having the early access gives you a chance to look at the Next sale before anyone else, meaning you can snap up the best bargains before they sell out. 

You have to start a Nextpay credit account to get the VIP early access to the sale.

It’s worth noting though, that there is interest you have to pay like with any credit card, and the APR is 23.9% for the Next credit account.

That means if you don’t pay off the store card immediately you could find yourself losing the savings you might make in the sale when the interest kicks in, and you may even go into debt.

How do I get early access to the Next Sale?

TO be eligible for the VIP early access slots you have to meet some requirements.

  • You have to set up a credit account with Nextpay. 
  • Your credit account has to have at least £250 in it before you can book a VIP slot. 
  • You must link your email address with Next and make sure it can receive sale and promotional emails – otherwise you’ll miss it.
  • You can only get one VIP slot per customer and they are limited on a first come, first served basis. 

To be allocated a VIP Sale invite for the upcoming sale you will need to be opted in to receive marketing emails and you have to have created an account before the cutoff at midnight on the deadline date.

After this, you should receive your invite by July 5 with the sale expected to follow shortly after.

We still don’t know exactly when the sale will be taking place but Morethanmummy estimates it will likely drop on July 10.

Another shopper in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook claims it’ll start on July 10 too, but Next hasn’t released exactly when it will be yet.

That’s the same for the VIP early access which typically begins a day or more before the sale is accessible to everyone. 

Once you get your early access email you simply follow the link which will take you to all the reduced products that you can browse and add to your basket.

The Next VIP sale is usually held online only and it’s located on a different website to the usual one.

Next is known to have up to 50% off goods in the annual sale so if you have your eye on something it might be worth singing up for the early access, before everyone else gets a chance.

New members also get a £10 welcome credit when they join that can be used on any orders over £15 as an extra perk of signing up.

But as always though, it’s worth shopping around first, when you come closer to making a purchase, you never know where somewhere else might have the same or a similar item cheaper.

Ikea launched its massive summer sale earlier in the month, with up to 50% off furniture and more.

You can get discounts and deals including up to 30% off at Marks & Spencer too.

Plus those who have a Tesco Clubcard can benefit from 50% cheaper items than those not signed up with the scheme.

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