Lidl’s new app trick to help skip queues outside stores

LIDL’s app has a new trick shoppers can use to see when the quietest times to visit stores are to avoid queues and delays.

The new feature in the Lidl Plus app means you can check when the best times to visit your local store are every single day of the week.

You can beat the queues at Lidl using an app hackCredit: Alamy

To use the nifty hack, download the Lidl Plus app for free first through the App Store or Google Play.

You’ll need to register your details, including your email address and phone number, when you’re setting up your account – but this is free to do too.

Once you’ve uploaded it onto your phone, you’ll need to tell the app which is your local Lidl store.

To do this, click the icon with the three dots on it at the bottom right hand corner of the app, and scroll down until you hit “store finder”.

Then look on the map to see which store is listed closest to you – click on it to set it as your nearest shop.

A bar chart will show peak shopping times in blue and quieter points in green for your local store in the Lidl app

A bar chart will show peak shopping times in blue and quieter points in green for your local store in the Lidl appCredit: Lidl Plus App

This store will then show up at the top of app’s homepage.

If you click on the drop down button which says “best time to shop”, the app will show you how busy the shop is in real time.

A bar chart will be displayed showing how busy the store is by the hour.

Bars which are coloured blue show when the peak shopping times are, while off-peak times are shown in green.

You can also see when is best to shop are during other days of the week.

Although these obviously won’t be listed in real time if you’re checking ahead, it will still give you an idea of when to avoid the queues.

Lidl’s app isn’t the only way to check how busy branches are.

Google has a tracker which allows you to see when the peak times are at different shops.

If you search for “Lidl” and then click on your nearest store, it will show a bar chart of when the store’s busiest times are.

Checking when your nearest Lidl is busiest could be useful while shoppers are still having to queue outside supermarkets due to Covid restrictions.

This is because social distancing measures are still in place, and look set to continue until at least June 21.

This means there are still limits on the number of people that are allowed in shops, including supermarkets, at any one time.

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