McDonald’s worker explains ‘points system’ that gets staff free food

A MCDONALD’S worker recently explained how the fast food chain has a little-known “points system” that gets staff FREE food.

In a video posted on TikTok, the Maccies employee said each person who works in their restaurant gets four points to redeem against food each shift.

One McDonald’s worker used their TikTok to reveal the point system for free food in their store

The TikTok user claimed regular menu items that aren’t part of a meal cost one point each, such as Big Macs, six chicken McNuggets and breakfast McMuffins.

But premium burgers, such as the Chicken Legend, and chicken wraps are supposedly worth two points.

Workers in this store are also able to buy sides, including chips, and drinks for one point each, claimed the TikTok user.

This means employees who are on duty in this restaurant can get a full meal with their four points.

The TikTok user claimed fan favourites like Big Macs are worth one point

The TikTok user claimed fan favourites like Big Macs are worth one point

Premium burgers like the Chicken Legend supposedly cost two points

Premium burgers like the Chicken Legend supposedly cost two points

Fries cost works in this store one point per portion

Fries cost works in this store one point per portion

The TikTok user claimed they work in the Walton Road McDonald’s branch in Liverpool, which they say is franchised.

The video hasn’t been verified by the fast food chain, but on the McDonald’s website, it says all staff are entitled to food while on shift.

This meal allowance should be worth at least one Extra Value Meal in company-owned stores, but this does vary in franchised restaurants.

What you’re entitled to in a franchised store appears to be up to the manager.

A franchised restaurant is where an individual has brought the right to manage the day-to-day running of the business.

What are McDonald’s points worth for staff?

THE points system isn’t used in all McDonald’s restaurants, but here are some examples of what the TikTok user said they’re worth.

The person who posted the video said this applies to their restaurant in Walton Road, Liverpool.

  • Big Mac – one point
  • McNuggets (six) – one point
  • McMuffin – one point
  • Vegetable Deluxe – one point
  • Cheeseburger – one point
  • Fries – one point
  • Chocolate muffin – one point
  • Carrot sticks – one point
  • Apple slices – one point
  • Coca-Cola – one point
  • Bottled water – one point
  • Coffee – one point
  • Chicken Legend – two points
  • Chicken Selects – two points

Other McDonald’s workers were quick to comment on the TikTok video, which was posted in February, saying they don’t use the points system at their store.

One person said they’re automatically allowed one meal per shift, while another claimed they get 50% off instead of free food.

One said: “My store doesn’t use the point system we just grab any meal with a drink.”

Another commented: “Not every store has that system, ours was 50% off at anytime and free drink before and after your shift.”

A third said: “I know that [McDonald’s] near me it’s just a meal up to £5.”

Around 93% of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide are owned and franchised by independent local business owners.

McDonald’s declined to comment on the video when asked by The Sun.

This isn’t the first time a Maccies member of staff has spilled the beans on what it’s like to work for the fast food chain.

In another TikTok video, an ex-McDonald’s worker shared how to get fresh food, secret menu items and why the milkshake machine is always “broken”.

We’ve also revealed how a former Maccies worker claimed that staff sometimes lie to customers and say milkshake machines are broken because they take three hours to clean.

Last week, an employee revealed the truth about its famous burger onions – and joked the secret may get her fired.

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