Morrisons’ new loyalty scheme changes revealed

MORRISONS has launched a new loyalty scheme and shoppers won’t need to collect points to claim rewards.

Instead, customers will be offered instant rewards when they spend money in store, rather than waiting to collect enough points to turn into vouchers.

The new My Morrisons: Make Good Things Happen scheme is managed digitally

The new scheme is called My Morrisons: Make Good Things Happen and replaces the More Card programme, which was launched in 2016.

Shoppers had until Sunday to collect points under the old scheme because from May 10, loyalty is now rewarded through digital coupons.

Unlike More Card, customers don’t need to scan a plastic card to collect the loyalty rewards either, instead, they will need to manage their accounts via the updated My Morrisons app.

It will work in a similar way to the Lidl Plus app, which also offers customers personalised discounts when they scan the app as they shop.

Supermarket loyalty schemes – which has one?

MOST UK supermarkets have loyalty schemes so customers can build up points and save money while they shop.

Here we round up what saving programmes you’ll find at the big brands.

  • Iceland: Unlike other stores, you don’t collect points with the Iceland Bonus Card. Instead, you load it up with money and Iceland will give you £1 for every £20 you save.
  • Lidl Plus: Lidl customers don’t collect points when they shop, and are instead rewarded with personalised vouchers that gives them money off at the till.
  • Morrisons: The My Morrisons: Make Good Things Happen replaces the More Card and rewards customers with personalised money off vouchers via the app.
  • Sainsbury’s: While Sainsbury’s doesn’t have a personal scheme, it does own the Nectar card which can also be used in Argos, eBay and other shops. You need 200 Nectar points to save up £1 to spend on your card. You need to spend at least £1 to get one Nectar point.
  • Tesco: Tesco Clubcard has over 17million members in the UK alone. You use it each time you shop and build up points that can be turned into vouchers – 150 points gets you a £1.50 voucher. Here you need to spend £1 in Tesco to get one point.
  • Waitrose: myWaitrose also doesn’t allow you to collect points but instead you’ll get access to free hot drinks, and discounts off certain brands in store.

The Morrisons app is free to download on android and Apple products and can be used to view shoppers’ personalised vouchers, such as free products or money off at the till.

To redeem them, the digital voucher will need to be scanned at the till.

The app, which was previously used by loyalty scheme members, has also been updated to merge all of Morrison’s online services, such as online shopping, food boxes and its cafe takeaway menu.

The supermarket said that more features will be added to the app in the coming weeks, including an option that will allow shoppers to “give back to the community”.

Among the incentives is the “Basket Bonus” surprise and delight rewards, although the supermarket is yet to share any details on exactly what these are.

A simpler shopping scheme

The scheme will be far simpler for customers to follow than the More Card programme, where shoppers received five points for every £1 spent at the retailer.

These could then be converted into a £5 voucher once you’d collected 5,000 points.

The supermarket added that customers can continue to scan their Morrisons More card if they prefer, but it won’t replace any after they have been lost or damaged.

The new scheme has replaced the More Card at Morrisons

The new scheme has replaced the More Card at Morrisons

Plus shoppers have until August 9, 2021 to convert points into vouchers and redeem them in store.

Frustratingly, vouchers can only be claimed in multiples of £5 meaning any remaining points that can’t be rounded up to this amount will be lost.

The changes left customers threatening to boycott the supermarket.

Waseem Haq, head of digital marketing at Morrisons, said the new scheme enables the retailers to “make good things happen for our customers”.

He added: “Over the last 12 months, we have seen more and more of our customers use our apps and online services and are so excited to be launching the new My Morrisons app today for customers.”

Existing app users will need to update their Morrisons app to be able to access the new scheme.

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Sainsbury’s then bought Nectar in 2018 and revamped the loyalty scheme in 2019.

In July last year, M&S scrapped its points card model and now offers a rewards scheme for its shoppers.

Each time you shop at M&S in a store or online, you could get a reward.

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