Pizza Hut has launched a roast dinner pizza with beef, stuffing and roast potato toppings

PIZZA Hut has launched a new Sunday roast flavoured pizza which includes beef, stuffing and sliced roast potatoes as toppings.

The pizza costs from £13.99 and it’s part of a new range inspired by dishes from all over the world.

Pizza Hut’s new pizza is roast dinner flavoured

As well as the classic roast trimmings found on the pizza, the new pizza also has a red wine gravy base.

You’ll be able to pick up the pizza in a variety of sizes from small to large as well as a whole host of crust options too, like stuffed or classic.

The pizza is part of the chain’s new Staycation or Vacation-inspired delivery menu – bringing a “a taste of the Mediterranean and a new twist on the great British classic”.

Amelia Riba, chief brand officer for Pizza Hut UK, said: “We wanted to offer something for all occasions, by showcasing the best of British as well as offering a taste of abroad.

What’s in the new “Staycation or Vacation

  • Roast Dinner Pizza – from £13.99
  • Spanish-style Chicken & Chorizo Pizza – from £13.99
  • Italian-style Cheese & Tomato Bites – £4.99
  • New Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Cookie Dough chunks – £5.99

“We hope the new pizzas, side and dessert offer something for everyone, and that customers get to try our incredible new Roast Dinner pizza offering!”

The new menu is available from more than 700 Pizza Hut Delivery locations but not for dine-in at the chain’s restaurants for now.

You can visit Pizza Hut’s website to place your order for collection or delivery, or use the free Pizza Hut app.

The minimum order value is £10 but depending on how far away you live from your closest Pizza Hut, delivery can be free.

You can find your closest when you place your order, or with Pizza Hut’s locator tool.

The pizza is also now available to order on Deliveroo too, but delivery costs from £1 depending on where you live.

But on Deliveroo you won’t be able to cash in on any extra savings that Pizza Hut’s Dealbot could offer you through the chain’s official channels such as the website or app.

For example the pizza qualifies for Pizza Hut’s £22 meal deal, where you can get two large pizzas and a side, so if you’re hungry the offer could be a good way to save money as each pizza works out to be less than £11.

There are other items in the new range as well, including a Spanish-style chicken and chorizo pizza, Italian-style cheese and tomato bites and Ben & Jerry’s salted caramel cookie dough chunks.

The other pizzas also start from £13.99, the bites cost £4.99 and the new flavour of ice cream costs £5.99 from Pizza Hut.

Close rival of Pizza Hut, Dominos, doesn’t currently offer a pizza flavour like the new roast dinner style.

But the pizza chain does have a £13.99 “New Yorker” on it’s menu which is inspired by the classic American taste found in the city of the same name.

Dominos also offers six different Ben & Jerry’s options on its menu but the salted-caramel flavour hasn’t made the pizza competitor’s list yet – the flavours it does have are the same price as Pizza Hut though, at £5.99 each.

Franco Manca launched two new pizzas under £9 when the chain reopened earlier in the month – you can get the new topping options delivered too.

Plus in February, Pizza Hut brought back its KFC popcorn chicken pizza – but the sell-out flavour was only around for four weeks.

Meanwhile, a painful online video shows the moment a Bitcoin trader spent more than £500,000 on a Domino’s Pizza.

Glasgow student gets year’s supply from pizza machine with viral TikTok video


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