Aggressive crows nicknamed ‘Ronnie and Reggie’ terrorise street by damaging cars

Locals haven’t been able to stop Ronnie and Reggie (Picture: Derbyshire Live/BPM Media/Getty Images)

A hostile pair of crows have been tormenting locals of a Derbyshire village by scratching people’s cars and breaking their windscreen wipers.

Residents of Carlisle Avenue, Littleover, were initially stumped following a spate of attacks on their vehicles.

A community group initially thought teenagers were responsible but were shocked to discover that two crows were the real culprits.

The two birds have since been nicknamed Ronnie and Reggie, after the infamous Kray twins, who ruled the underworld of London’s East End in the 50s and 60s.

A makeshift scarecrow with a sunhat and Marigold gloves for hands has been put in place to deter the pair, but so far it has proved ineffective.

One resident, Julie Bannister, has had to replace her windscreen wipers twice the space of a month and now covers her windscreen to prevent further damage.

Another, Linda Measures, said the crows regularly tapped on her patio window with their beaks.

Dawn Gee, of Littleover, Derby, who is fed up with crows attacking cars and property.

Julie Bannister has had to replace her windscreen wipers twice in one month (Picture: Dawn Gee)

Despite the damage, it is believed that Derbyshire police will not be taking action against the mischievous crows.

A spokesperson for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said that while this behaviour was not unheard of, it is rare.

They added: ‘There are a couple of possible explanations – one is that they are seeing their own reflection and getting quite angry about the “other” bird and are doing some distraction behaviour and pecking at something soft, which happens to be the rubber.

‘People could try blocking the reflection with paper or a similar material to see if that stops them.’

Residents have since tried a series of measures including covers and scarecrows to try and stop the attacks, but the birds have shown no signs of stopping or moving on.

According to the RSPB, carrion crows are some of the UK’s cleverest and most adaptable birds and usually live alone or in pairs. They can be found all year round and thrive in both urban and rural areas.

They are usually cautious at first but can grow to be bold in their actions, regularly taking advantage of food on offer in gardens across the country.

It isn’t the first time mischievous birds have spent their days harassing the neighbourhood.

For years, residents who live near a lake in Northampton have been plagued by Cedric the swan, who regularly knocks on people’s front doors with his beak and rattles their letterboxes.

Sometimes he does it for up to three hours at a time and people still can’t get to the bottom of his anti-social behaviour.

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