Government urges children to sing bizarre ‘Strong Britain Great Nation’ song

The song includes lyrics like ‘our nation survived through many storms and many wars’ (Picture: Getty/Twitter)

The UK Government is encouraging school children across the country to sing a song celebrating ‘strong Britain, great nation’ this week.

The move is part of ‘One Britain One Nation Day’ on Friday, June 25 – but has been mocked for taking place after some Scottish schools have broken up for summer.

In a promotional video for the event, flag-waving children sing: ‘We are Britain and we have one dream, to unite all people in one great team.

‘Our nation survived through many storms and many wars.’

It continues: ‘We celebrate our differences with love in our hearts, united forever, never apart.

‘We all stand together with pride in our hearts.’

The song ends with children repeating the line ‘strong Britain, great nation.’

But people took to social media to criticise the timing of the message, noting that many school children in Scotland will not able to take part in a ‘One Britain, One Nation’ day because it has been organised during their holidays.

Others joked that the song sounded like something out of North Korea.

The Department for Education tweeted: ‘We’re encouraging schools across the UK to celebrate One Britain One Nation Day on 25 June, when children can learn about our shared values of tolerance, kindness, pride and respect.’

Encouraging youngsters to sing about ‘one nation’ may also raise eyebrows north of the border, where there are growing calls for a second independence referendum.

UK Government urges children to sing 'One Britain One Nation' song on June 25

A Government tweet encouraging people to take part in One Britain One Nation day was mocked by many (Picture: Twitter/@educationgovuk)

But the event is also likely to win praise for its message of unity and celebrating multiculturalism and tolerance.

The event’s website says: ‘One Britain One Nation brings us together, not to focus on our differences but to celebrate the values we share: tolerance, kindness, pride, respect, and a tremendous desire to help others.

‘Today’s Britain boasts a wonderful array of cultures. It is our multicultural identity that makes Britain so unique.

‘Our diverse cultures are inextricably linked by the sole fact that we are British. It is this fact that has prompted OBON to reinforce and revive what collectively unites us.

‘OBON aims to give a new impetus for the creation of a harmonised society, to make Britain an international model of moral rectitude.’

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