I dumped my boyfriend while pregnant after discovering his shocking secret – I couldn’t have imagined his next move

PENNY Kershaw had only been dating her neighbour for six weeks when she was stunned to find out she was pregnant.

She had lived next door to Anthony Breame, 34, in Oldham for 13 years, but their relationship had only recently shifted to being more than just friends.

Penny Kershaw and Anthony Breame, pictured with Penny’s daughter from another relationshipCredit: True Life Stories

Penny was shocked to discover she was pregnant again, but was keen to make it work with Breame

Penny was shocked to discover she was pregnant again, but was keen to make it work with BreameCredit: True Life Stories

Despite the initial shock, the new couple were delighted to be expecting and couldn’t wait to become a family.

But things took a dark turn when, soon after, Penny heard rumours about Breame, a mechanic, having a violent past.

Concerned for her and her unborn baby’s welfare, she applied for the Clare’s Law scheme at her local police station.

Penny, 34, already a mum-of-one, was shocked to discover Breame had previous convictions and broke off their relationship.

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Later that year, after she gave birth to their daughter in May 2021, she kept her distance.

But that July, Breame showed up at her home and launched a series of horrifying attacks, breaking her jaw, holding a knife to her neck and beating her unconscious.

In April last year, Breame was sentenced to 10 years.

Penny, a stay-at-home mum, says: “When Anthony attacked me I thought I was going to die.

Breame launched a sick attack on Penny after she told him to stay away from their daughter

Breame launched a sick attack on Penny after she told him to stay away from their daughterCredit: True Life Stories

“I’m just relieved he’s in prison and my daughter is safe from her evil father.”

Despite spending more than a decade as neighbours, in August 2020 Penny and Breame began flirting with each other.

One evening they ended up in bed together.

Penny recalls: “I had a daughter and I’d been single for eight months.

“Anthony was loving and kind. We had a lot of fun together.

“That night we both agreed we didn’t want anything serious. But then I grew feelings and so did he.

“We became a couple, and I was so happy. He was lovely.”

Six weeks later, in September 2020, Penny realised her period was late and discovered she was pregnant. 

She was thrilled by Breame’s reaction and looked forward to becoming a mum again.

But when she heard murmurs about her boyfriend’s past, she knew she couldn’t ignore them.

Clare’s Law

“I’d heard about this scheme, Clare’s Law, where women can check if their partners have past convictions,” she explains.

Clare’s Law was named after Clare Wood, then 36, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend George Appleton in Salford, Greater Manchester, in 2009.

In October 2020, while nine weeks pregnant, Penny applied and found out Breame had previously been convicted of assaulting an ex-partner, among other offences including blackmail and arson.

Penny says: “I was horrified and ended things immediately. I wasn’t going to put me or my kids in danger.

“Anthony was apologetic and understanding.”

After that Penny kept Breame updated about their unborn child and let him come to important doctors’ appointments.

He was also at the birth, and Penny let him cut the cord.

She says: “He was besotted with her.

Penny let Breame be at the birth of their daughter

Penny let Breame be at the birth of their daughterCredit: True Life Stories

But Breame suddenly showed his true colours

But Breame suddenly showed his true coloursCredit: True Life Stories

“As soon as I was discharged from hospital, I told him we had to part ways due to his past.

“I then asked social services what to do and they advised me that Anthony had to undergo a risk assessment before he could have contact with us.

“Anthony was fine about it and said he wasn’t worried about not passing it.”

From then on Penny continued keeping her distance from Breame, only sending him photos of their daughter.

Two months later Penny was breastfeeding in the middle of the night when she heard a bang at the door.

She recalls: “I put my daughter down and answered. It was Anthony.

“He pushed past me into the house and yelled how he wasn’t going to lose another child.

I howled at him to stop but he climbed on top of me and beat me until I lost consciousness

Penny Kershaw

“Then out of nowhere, he slammed his fist into my face.

“I stumbled back in shock and I saw his clenched fist come flying towards me again.

“I howled at him to stop but he climbed on top of me and beat me until I lost consciousness.”

When Penny came to she woke to Breame holding a kitchen knife against her throat. He threatened to chop her head off.

Afterwards, he got off her and she realised her jaw was broken in two places.

When she arrived at Royal Oldham hospital, Breame held onto their daughter to ensure she didn’t report him.

She underwent a five-hour operation where she had a metal plate inserted.

Penny told how she was in agony after the sick attack

Penny told how she was in agony after the sick attackCredit: True Life Stories

Penny says: “I was hysterical and in agony. But all I cared about was my daughter.

“I rushed home and thankfully, she was okay.

“Anthony kept apologising but I ignored him. I was terrified to report him so I stayed quiet.”

Two months later, in September 2021, Breame called Penny to tell her he’d passed the risk assessment.

Penny says: “An hour later, he showed up at my door again.

“He had a can of lager and his eyes were glazed. I realised he was drunk.

“I yelled at him to stay away and that he wasn’t going to see our daughter, especially if he was drunk.

“He screamed that I wasn’t taking his child. Then he punched me hard in the face, again.

“He then climbed on top of me and put his hands around my neck.

He screamed that I wasn’t taking his child. Then he punched me hard in the face

Penny Kershaw

“Gasping for air, I begged him to stop and let me live.

“He finally let go and I ran to the garden, climbed the fence and screamed for help. But Anthony dragged me back inside.”

Inside, their daughter was hysterically crying in her cot. Penny says Breame yelled at her to shut up and put his hand over her face.

“I was terrified and screamed at him to leave her alone. I thought he was suffocating her,” she recalls.

“I grabbed her and he punched me again. With our girl in my arms, I fell to the floor and he towered over us.

“I squeezed my eyes shut and got ready to die. I thought he was going to kill us both.”

Thankfully Penny’s neighbour burst through the front door and Anthony fled the scene.

Lucky escape

The police were called and saw Penny’s jaw was dislodged. Luckily her baby was unharmed.

Breame went on the run but was caught days later.

In April 2022, Anthony Breame, of Marion Street, Oldham, was found guilty to two section 47 assaults, section 18 assault, burglary with intent to cause GBH and threats to kill at Manchester Crown Court.

He was jailed for 10 years.

Penny says: “Another victim of Anthony’s came forward too. He’s a monster.

“It turned out he’d lied to me about passing the risk assessment that day.

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“I don’t know what I’ll tell our daughter when she’s older. Anthony will never see her.

“Please do Clare’s Law if you have any concerns. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if I’d stayed with him.”

Penny urges other woman to use Clare's Law if they're worried about their partners

Penny urges other woman to use Clare’s Law if they’re worried about their partnersCredit: True Life Stories

Breame was jailed for 10 years

Breame was jailed for 10 yearsCredit: True Life Stories


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