I’m a beauty queen – TikTok said I was too GRUESOME and shut down my account… I’m furious

A TEENAGE beauty queen has opened up about how TikTok said she was too “gruesome” and shut down her account.

Eva Grant, 16, first created the social media account to post relatable content to try make other teens “feel more comfortable in their own skin”.

Eva Grant says her TikTok account was shut down for ‘gruesome content’Credit: SWNS

It came after the teenage beauty queen shared parts of her cystic acne journey

It came after the teenage beauty queen shared parts of her cystic acne journeyCredit: SWNS

But, the teen claimed when she posted a photo without make up on – showing the cystic acne she suffers from – her account was shut down for “gruesome content”.

Eva, who is currently Miss Teen Galaxy York, made the TikTok page in November and started posting videos of her skin flaking off after wearing makeup and her skin bleeding after wiping her face.

She said within three weeks of posting clips of how cystic acne impacts her day-to-day life, her account was shut down.

The 16-year-old said: “At first, it really got to me and I was like ‘why have they deleted this account?’ Because there is nothing wrong with it.

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“I had been really careful about what I was posting and making sure it was all safe for the internet so there was no swearing or anything in the audios I were using.

“When it got deleted I was asking why it got deleted and then I found out it was due to the acne.

“But I didn’t let it stop me so I created a new account and reposted the content on that new account and it’s not been deleted.”

Eva, who is an A-Level student, said she quickly contacted TikTok to ask why her account was shut down.

She says she still hasn’t received an answer from the company.

The teen continued: “I just think TikTok need to be more aware of what they are deleting.

“They are deleting accounts that are doing good, but keeping accounts on TikTok that aren’t doing so good.

“They should double check with someone before they delete an account permanently.”

Cystic acne develops when cysts form underneath the skin, seeing painful bumps form on the face – and Eva has been struggling with it for two years.

She added: “I created the account because obviously I suffer with acne and I wanted to make sure that people weren’t alone if they had acne and make people aware of it.

“My thing is that society deems having clear skin as normal, so why can’t we make society think that not having clear skin is normal?

“So that’s what I was aiming to do – make people more aware and feel more confident in their own skin.”

Eva’s mum Tina, 45, said she was so proud of her daughter when she created the account that she cried.

The North Yorkshire mum said: “Eva’s got a very bubbly and friendly personality but when she closed the door at night, the tears would flood.

“But she wouldn’t let anyone else see that – I only got to see that along with her dad and sister.

“Nobody else really saw how she felt.

“She would just look in the mirror when her acne was really bad and call her self ugly – but then she decided to turn the negativity into positive.

“When she came down to tell me she was going to post videos, I think I cried because I thought it’s just a brave thing for a 16-year-old to do.”

A TikTok spokesperson said: “At TikTok we are driven to provide a platform for creative authentic self-expression.

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“We are open about the fact that we don’t get every moderation decision right and have reinstated Eva’s account.

“We hope Eva continues to use TikTok to offer encouragement and advice to others, and to share her story.”

The 16-year-old first made the account to make others 'feel more confident in their own skin'

The 16-year-old first made the account to make others ‘feel more confident in their own skin’Credit: SWNS


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