Inside city centre home which was ‘destroyed’ by squatters who ‘left faeces’ in Bristol

SHOCKING images show a listed property “destroyed” by squatters who allegedly left human faeces, food everywhere and offensive language on the walls – and then demanded £5,000 to leave.

After squatters caused extensive damage to three properties in Bristol city centre, including litter and graffiti, police enforced a closure order last Friday citing “escalating criminality and antisocial behaviour”.

Mounds of rubbish were strewn everywhereCredit: BPM

The house was left in a 'despicable' state

The house was left in a ‘despicable’ stateCredit: BPM

Lottie Watts, a director of Worrall Road Estates who own one of the damaged properties, told Bristol Live: “They left human faeces in one of the rooms, food all over the place, destroyed the building and left threatening and appalling language on the walls.

“They pretend to be a civilised community but they are vile people who are out of control and have caused a lot of harm and disruption to many people.”

The property owner claimed the graffiti left on the walls included messages threatening they would return to the Grade II Listed building.

She continued: “We will be putting security measures in place now but the fact that we are even forced to do this to our own building and ‘batten down the hatches’ so to speak is quite frankly ridiculous in a society that is supposed to be civil.

“Post Covid-19, there were many messages and thoughts spreading around the country to help neighbours and be kinder to one another, yet the fact that these people treat other strangers in this way is despicable.”

Ms Watts said that on negotiating with the squatters to leave, they demanded £5,000 as compensation.

“We agreed their request and then they ran us around in circles for a week before saying that they never intended to accept the money,” she continued. “We tried to work with these people and they just mocked us.

“To then leave the building in this disgusting state is appalling.

Human faeces was left on the floor of one room

Human faeces was left on the floor of one roomCredit: BPM

Extensive damage was done to a wall

Extensive damage was done to a wallCredit: BPM

“I hope these people one day in many years time look back and feel ashamed of themselves for what they have done.

“We just hope they leave us alone in the future – we just want to continue with our work now and put this behind us.”

Ms Watts praised the police for their support, describing them as brilliant and absolutely wonderful.

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