Mum screamed and teen brother pleaded ‘please help -she’s dying’ after girl, 2, hit by moped rider trying to beat lights

A MUM screamed and a teen brother pleaded “please help – she’s dying” after a toddler was struck by a moped rider allegedly trying to beat the traffic lights.

The two-year-old is fighting for her life after being hit while crossing the street at traffic lights with her family in West London.

The toddler was rushed to hospital on June 8

She was struck just after 6.30pm in Acton, London

She was struck just after 6.30pm in Acton, London

The Metropolitan Police said the toddler was found with serious injuries in Acton and rushed to hospital, where she remains in a critical condition this afternoon.

Officers were called at 6.34pm on Tuesday to reports of a collision involving a moped and the child at the junction of The Vale on Uxbridge Road and Agnes Road.

Shocked eye-witnesses told how “screaming” relatives were left distraught after she was knocked down.

They said the 19-year-old rider, who was wearing a balaclava, allegedly did not stop for a red light at the Vale junction on Uxbridge Road, despite other cars doing so.

The toddler was knocked unconscious and was bleeding from her ear, according to witnesses who rushed out to see what was happening after hearing screams.

Emergency services, including an air ambulance, arrived at the scene and cordoned off the road while they tended to the victim

A 23-year-old resident, who works in finance and lives next to the junction where the accident happened, said: “I heard the screams and saw the mum and the girl’s brother, who was between 12 and 15-years-old.

“The mum was screaming and the brother called the ambulance and said ‘please help – she’s dying’.

“The little girl was unconscious for the entire time until she was put into the ambulance.

“She was breathing though, but I heard her brother say she was bleeding from her ear.

“I saw her on the floor and her face was just red, completely red.

“But she was breathing so, hopefully, she’s okay.”

The tot was with her family at the time of the collision, say cops

The tot was with her family at the time of the collision, say cops

The resident added: “People started to gather around and then the police showed up about 15 minutes later.

“There were two police cars and a couple of ambulances.

“The guy on the moped was wearing a balaclava so you could only see his eyes.

“He seemed quite upset by the whole situation and was just sat in the police car.

“The mum was distraught and the son was shaking, he seemed really panicked.

“He called his dad to let him know what had happened – I think he said they took her to St Mary’s hospital.

“They had like an Irish accent or something, so they may have been just visiting.

“I heard a guy shouting at the guy who hit the girl, he was saying ‘why would you speed up when you saw a red light?'”

Moped rider tried to help toddler

The moped rider used his jacket to try and stop the tot’s bleeding before paramedics arrived, according to witnesses.

Emergency services, including an air ambulance arrived on the scene just after 6.30pm and were seen giving the injured girl oxygen and fluids.

Wendy Corney, 56, said: “I live just in front of the crossing so I came out and got on to 999.

“It was horrible really, I saw bags of shopping on the floor and the little girl was lying in the road.

“The guy who hit her was in shock and had taken off his jacket which he was trying to put around her head because she was bleeding.

“Her brother was there holding her hand and the mum was crouched over her.

“Her little sandals had come off and there was a little toy lying on the road.

“Apparently he was heading in that direction – towards Shepherds Bush.”

The little girl was breathing, but losing consciousness.

Wendy Corney

Wendy added: “Luckily there was a doctor cycling along, so he saw the accident and jumped off his bike.

“Then a woman pulled up in a car and said she was a nurse – thank God they were there at the right time.

“The mother had all blood on her because she tried to pick her up, but they were saying no, no, don’t move her.

“The little girl was breathing, but losing consciousness, and the doctor said something like it’s a grade three paediatric emergency. He was worried about her lungs.

“They treated the little girl for about 30 minutes roadside and then put her on a stretcher and in the ambulance.

“Then the father arrived, ironically on a motorbike – he looked really pale and was clearly in shock.”

‘Heard a bang’

A second resident, 52, who lives close by, explained: “I heard the bang and then a girl started screaming.

“There were around five ambulances and five police cars, and the air ambulance was hovering over there.

“There was a little three wheel scooter on the pavement here, so I don’t know if she was riding that.

“I just saw the little girl in the middle of the road and there was a waist high blanket around her so I couldn’t see.

“There was a big crowd so I just went back upstairs to watch the telly.”

Another resident, who lives a few doors from the collision scene, said: “I came home at 11.00pm and the road was still taped up.

“There were one or two policemen standing around and a couple of cars.”

The Met Police are appealing for any dash-cam footage

The Met Police are appealing for any dash-cam footage

The moped rider stopped at the scene in Acton, and was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and driving while under the influence of drugs.

The teen remains in custody.

Det Serg Nush Puvitharan from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit said: “The incident happened as the girl and her family were crossing the street at traffic lights while other vehicles waited.”

Police are appealing for witnesses and any drivers with dash-cam footage to come forward after she was seriously injured.

Puvitharan added: “Some of those road users would have seen the incident, or may have recorded the events on dash-cam footage.

” If so, I would urge them to come forward and speak to police.

“This information could prove vital in ensuring we can piece together exactly what happened in this incident.”

Officers are urging anyone who can assist this investigation to contact the witness appeal line on 020 8246 9820.

You can also contact police via 101 or tweet @MetCC.


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