Mum wins £10k-a-month for a year after daughter puts Lottery ticket in her 45th birthday card

A MOTHER has won £10k-a-month for a year after her daughter bought a Lottery ticket for her 45th birthday.

Cheryl Crowley opened a birthday card from her daughter Jade, 27, and was astounded when she found a winning ticket inside.

Cheryl Crowley, 45, has won £10,000 every month for a year

Mom-of-three Jade, from Brent, north west London bought a selection of lucky dip tickets for the Set for life draw a day before Cheryl’s birthday on May 7.

The next day she checked the numbers and realised she had won big.

And the good news couldn’t have come at a better time as Cheryl and her family have faced tough times during the pandemic.

She told the Metro: “It’s been a very difficult time for our family. 

Daughter Jade, 27, slipped the winning ticket into her mothers birthday card

Daughter Jade, 27, slipped the winning ticket into her mothers birthday card

The family are excited to spend their winnings

The family are excited to spend their winnings

“We lost a very dear family member to Covid and had to scrimp and scrape to get the money together to give her the send-off she deserved, so to finally have something positive to celebrate has quite literally made my dad’s year, and possibly decade!”

Cheryl believes the good luck is thanks to her father who always believed that they would “win big” on the lottery.

She explained: “We love his optimism but after the difficult times we’ve had I honestly didn’t believe that anything this wonderful could happen. 

“I’m delighted dad has been proved right after all and we can start to enjoy life a bit more.”

But Jade is thankful her mother will finally be treated to the finer things in life.

She said: “My mum is just amazing. She’s been a primary school teacher for 15 years but still found time to care for an aged relative and help with my three kids, she deserves this so much.

“It’s hard to explain what this will mean for the three of us. 

“My grandad is a legend, it’s a big thank you to him for encouraging us to play and believe a big win was just waiting for our family.”

The crowleys hope to spend their winnings on trips to the beach and luxury shopping outings.

Cheryl explained: “If the past 18 months has taught us anything, it’s to take nothing for granted and to make the most of every moment.”

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