My neighbours are a nightmare and make my life a misery… they even stole my Ring Doorbell – but the police don’t care

A MUM-of-three says she’s being terrorised by nightmare neighbours who are making her life a misery – and the police don’t care.

The gang of masked yobs have repeatedly kicked Rachel Cowling’s front door, smashed up her car and even threatened to kill her kids, she claims.

Rachel Cowling says she and her children, including five-year-old Eliza, are being terrorised by their neighboursCredit: NB PRESS LTD

The mum-of-three says the yobs are making her life a misery

The mum-of-three says the yobs are making her life a miseryCredit: NB PRESS LTD

The parent, who only moved into her West Yorkshire flat in October, said the ordeal has turned her festive break into a “horror movie”.

Her five-year-old daughter and son, 13, are living in fear as the mob hang out in the hallways and on the stairs.

Thankfully her eldest son, 18, lives with his grandmother so has avoided the trauma.

Rachel said there can be 20 to 30 teenagers and adults hanging around the Baildon property at any one time.

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And she said the latest horror saw a small group of them storm her building.

She recalled: “That’s when the real nightmare started.

“Our home came under prolonged attack.

“After a night of playing music really loud they threatened to kill us both.

“What unfolded that night was like something from a horror film.

“I have never known anything like it.”

The misery reportedly began when a masked gang sprayed paint on a camera at around 7.30pm.

They returned again at about 10.15pm when a man tried to remove the device completely.

Minutes later, the front and rear windscreens of Rachel’s black Nissan Almera were smashed to pieces, she said.

“It was terrifying,” the mum added.

“I sat on my sofa with an axe, expecting them to burst in and murder me. It was so nerve-wracking.”

Rachel felt forced to move her kids away from the area for Christmas in case things escalated.

But days after returning, she faced further chaos when the merciless group allegedly disabled her Ring doorbell at 2am on New Year’s Eve.

They were apparently threatening Rachel’s brother, who is blind, before the police turned up.

I sat on my sofa with an axe, expecting them to burst in and murder me.

Rachel Cowling

She said: “It’s awful. I’m living in a nightmare.

“It’s like a dream or something from a horror film.

“I’ve never experienced an area like this.

“It’s like a jungle here. Before this I thought Baildon was nice.”

Rachel said cops took two and a half hours to respond to her call before Christmas, and claims the officers often don’t take her fears seriously.

She said: “I believe I am in danger, but they say that I am not because I have a camera in my Ring doorbell.

“It’s absolute lunacy, I just get passed from pillar to post.

“The police say it’s the council, the housing association say it’s the council, and the council say they need a referral from the police.”

Rachel, who takes immune suppressant medication, has tried to seek emergency accommodation but has so far been unsuccessful.

She fears the stress is affecting her physical and mental health as she has been “poorly for weeks”.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: “Criminal damage and harassment will not be tolerated and the victim has been assured that these matters will be investigated fully.

“Anyone who can assist is asked to contact the Shipley Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101, or by email.”

Housing association Incommunities, which operate the flats, said: “We are aware of ongoing anti-social behaviour issues at Southcliffe Way, Baildon, and are working with local police to resolve these.

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“We take all reports of anti-social behaviour seriously and encourage our customers to get in touch to report such behaviour as we believe that everyone should feel comfortable and secure in their home.

“Any criminal acts should be reported to the police to follow up in the first instance.”

The yobs ruined the family's festive period, Rachel says

The yobs ruined the family’s festive period, Rachel saysCredit: NB PRESS LTD

She claims the group smashed the back window of her car

She claims the group smashed the back window of her carCredit: NB PRESS LTD

The mum says police aren't taking her concerns seriously

The mum says police aren’t taking her concerns seriouslyCredit: NB PRESS LTD

But the cops, pictured on Rachel's ring camera, say the matter will be investigated fully

But the cops, pictured on Rachel’s ring camera, say the matter will be investigated fullyCredit: NB PRESS LTD


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