Pensioner, 92, fined after stopping ‘for two minutes’ to make charity donation

Kit Hildred, 92, and her friend Tel Oliver, 85, went out in the car together (Picture: MEN Media)

A nonagenarian has criticised her council after being fined £35 for briefly stopping to make a charity donation.

Kit Hildred, 92, went with a friend to give some stamps to the Butterfly Hospice Trust in Boston.

She waited in the car with her Yorkshire Terrier while Tel Oliver, 85, went to the shop.

But in that time, a parking attendant came over.

Mrs Hildred said she explained that her friend would be back shortly, but it wasn’t a good enough excuse.

The council has said the driver had stopped somewhere ‘clearly marked no waiting’, and has refused an appeal.

92 year old Kit Hildred & her friend Tel Oliver, 85, of Swineshead were given a parking ticket in Boston while they were delivering to the Butterffly Hospice shop in Boston.

Kit believes the fine was unfair (Picture: MEN Media)

But Mrs Hildred, who’ll be 93-years-old next month, said she was appalled that the parking attendant wasn’t more understanding.

‘We wrote to them explaining what had happened, but they replied thinking I went to buy stamps. So they clearly hadn’t read the letter properly.

‘We wrote again, but they still said I had to pay the fine.

‘If I was going shopping, I’d understand it, but we were only there for two minutes.

‘How can they be like that when it’s for charity?’

Matt Jones, parking services manager at Lincolnshire County Council said: ‘We’ve looked into this particular instance and a ticket was issued because the vehicle was parked in a clearly marked no waiting / no loading parking zone.

‘Upon receiving the ticket, a challenge was submitted, deemed unsuccessful and has now been paid.

‘We encourage anyone unhappy with a fine they’ve received to follow the process for challenging on the back of the ticket.’

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