Prime shopper uses cheeky hack to buy crates of KSI energy drink at Aldi – but people are divided

A PRIME shopper has divided opinions after he used a cheeky hack to try to buy crates of KSI’s energy drink.

It comes as hundreds of Brits yesterday descended on Aldi stores up and down the country to try to get their hands on the trendy beverage.

People yesterday clambered over one another to try and get hold of Prime HydrationCredit: Twitter – @chels_kr1s

Adults reportedly shoved kids as they tried to get their hands on the drink

Adults reportedly shoved kids as they tried to get their hands on the drinkCredit: Facebook/mark.hall.1238

A shopper has told of a fellow punter's ballsy hack to buy crates of the  beverage

A shopper has told of a fellow punter’s ballsy hack to buy crates of the beverageCredit: Les Gallagher

Prime energy drink has become hugely popular

Prime energy drink has become hugely popularCredit: Amazon

The budget supermarket stocked the viral drink for just £1.99 per bottle, leading to huge queues and fights, as it sold out “within about 30 seconds.”

The drink is so hot among youngsters that desperate parents have traveled more than 500 miles just to get their hands on a bottle.

The craze has even moved to online markets, with one savvy Brit selling a “rare” bottle for a whopping £1,000.

And now one punter has split opinions online after he made a ballsy move to secure the goods.

Moment shoppers fight off kids in scramble for viral energy drink Prime at Aldi
Scots mum spends '£250' on Prime drink  - and everyone is saying the same thing

On mum explained on Facebook: “To the man in Aldi this morning that thought it would be a good idea to load his basket with Prime drink and open them all thinking they would sell them to you as you’d opened them.

“Shame on you. Swearing and abusing the staff as there was a limit of one of each flavour per customer.

“Well done to the staff at Aldi for taking them off of him and not allowing him to buy them.

“Because of your greed some kids missed out.”

Other shoppers rushed to the comments to give their two cents on the matter.

One man fumed: “I hate people like that.

“He was probably trying to rip people off by charging £20 a bottle. He should be ashamed.”

Yesterday other shocked customers told of the chaos enfolding in their local Aldis.

One student Kristina Sheppard,19, in Sydenham, East London said: “It was just hectic. I didn’t push anyone, but there was a lot of pushing and shoving going on.

“I thought there was a limit of one bottle per flavour, but I saw people getting cases of them.

“There were parents pushing children. There were kids between the ages of 7 and 14, they were being pushed out of the way. One of the staff was shouting ‘parents, stop pushing the kids’. It was absolute carnage.”

Meanwhile, one shop assistant at Aldi at Brocklebank Retail Park in Greenwich, South East London said the store ran out of its limited stock of Prime Hydration within “minutes” of opening.

The employee, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “People started queuing outside at 6am and we don’t even open until 8am.

What is Prime and why is it so popular?

PRIME is a drinks brand developed by YouTubers-turned-boxers KSI and Logan Paul, who between them have 50 million subscribers.

Bottles of the “thirst-quenching” beverage have been flying off UK shelves since being released earlier this year.

The products, which come in seven different flavours including Blue Raspberry and Tropical Punch, were first available in Asda and on the official Prime website.

They sold out almost instantly. Corner shops started to clock on to their popularity and began to stock them at inflated prices.

As of December 2022, the drinks are now also available in Aldi, with a one-variant-per-customer limit.

But shoppers have been buying them in bulk to flog on eBay for as much as £12,000 a pack.

Prime drinks contain 10 per cent coconut water, electrolytes and a variety of vitamins.

“We’d sold out within a few minutes of opening the doors, it’s crazy. People are going mad for it.”

Prime was created and popularised by YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul and has seen demand skyrocket in recent weeks.

Its popularity grew after the pair promoted it heavily around high-profile celebrity boxing matches in the UK.

The duo came up with the idea for coconut water-based Prime Hydration after their final boxing match in 2019.

During a live stream, the pair said they wanted to “rival the biggest companies on earth” with their products – including “Pepsi, Coke, Gatorade and Powerade”.

But they insisted their main goals for the 11-flavour project – which includes blue raspberry, tropical punch and grape – were taste and hydration.

And demand for the drink has grown ever since, massively outpacing supply as youngsters try to emulate their social media heroes.

It was originally only sold in Asda, but Aldi recently landed an exclusive deal to stock it for a limited time.

The new stock arrival comes just two months after teens stormed an Asda in Bournemouth to buy the product.

An Aldi spokesperson said: “We’re sorry that some customers were unable to get their hands on this product, however, demand has been extremely high.

“We limited purchases to one of each variant per customer so that as many customers as possible had a chance to buy it.”

Prime was created and popularised by Youtube sensations KSI (pictured) and Logan Paul

Prime was created and popularised by Youtube sensations KSI (pictured) and Logan PaulCredit: Splash


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