The 3D moggie looks like it’s about to fall out of the screen.

The digital billboard displays a big 3D cat waking up and looking at pedestrians as if it might jump off the screen outside Shinjuku Station. (Credits: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/ZUMA Wire/Shutterstock)

Imagine staring up at a building after emerging from a train station to see a gigantic cat perched on a ledge.

That’s exactly what’ll happen to anyone leaving Shinjuku Station’s east exit in over the next few weeks.

A new high-tech billboard has been unveiled opposite the station in Tokyo.

It consists of a curved LED screen that stretches over three floors and can display pin-sharp 4K images.

The curve allows the screen to produce a 3D effect and to show it off, the company behind it has created a short animation of a giant calico cat.

Cross Shinjuku Vision will officially debut the cat on July 12 and the cute moggie will wake up when the screen turns on at 7am.


— 新宿東口の猫 (@cross_s_vision) July 5, 2021

It will appear throughout the day in between adverts and finally settle down to sleep at 1am when the screen turns off.

Because the screen is accompanied by giant speakers, the cat will occasionally meow at passers-by.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rodrigo Reyes Marin/ZUMA Wire/Shutterstock (12198040g) A digital billboard displays a big 3-D cat waking up and looking at pedestrians as if it might jump off the screen outside Shinjuku Station. The curved LED screen can display 4K images, creating a depth effect and jaw-dropping 3D effect from the rooftop of the recently constructed Cross Shinjuku building. The new 3D ads went viral on the internet after people spread videos of animal-shaped ads jumping off the screens in China and South Korea. Big 3D Cat Appears on a Billboard in Tokyo, Japan - 06 Jul 2021

The giant cat will even meow at pedestrians walking past (Credits: Rodrigo Reyes Marin/ZUMA Wire/Shutterstock)

Obviously not everyone can make it over to Tokyo right now just to check out a gigantic 3D digital cat. Which is probably why Cross Shinjuku Vision has set up a live stream of the billboard so you can check in with the cat from wherever you are in the world.


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