When do schools break up for summer 2021?

BORIS Johnson confirmed that school bubbles will be scrapped on July 19 as he declared the end of lockdown rules.

Schools are currently due to finish for the summer holidays and will reopen after six weeks, without the school bubble system which is expected to be replaced by daily testing.

Schools are due to close for the summer holidays this monthCredit: PA

When do schools break up for summer 2021?

School term and holiday dates are usually set more than 18 months in advance of the academic year.

But dates vary between areas.

You can find out when your school breaks up by putting your postcode on the government’s website.


In England, most schools will break up for the summer on Friday 23 July.


Scottish schools break up earlier, with most closing for the summer on Wednesday 23 June.

You can find out the dates of the school holidays on the Scottish government website.

Pupils will have a six-week break before the autumn term

Pupils will have a six-week break before the autumn termCredit: PA


The summer break in Wales starts on Friday 16 July.


In N. Ireland most schools finished for the summer on Thursday 1 July.

When do schools go back after the summer break?

Most schools will start the autumn term on Wednesday, September 1.

In Scotland, pupils are expected to go back to school earlier, on Wednesday, August, 18.

Is it illegal to take your children on holiday during term time?

Parents are only allowed to let their children miss school if they are sick or have been given permission from the headteacher.

According to the government website you can get permission for your child to take time off school by making an application to the headteacher in advance or if there are exceptional circumstances.

It’s up to the headteacher to decide if leave can be granted and for how long.

Sajid Javid says school bubbles WILL end on July 19 in major boost for pupils and parents


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