When does the President arrive?

US PRESIDENT Joe Biden is expected to arrive in the UK this weekend for the first G7 summit in two years.

Here’s everything you need to know about Biden’s arrival.

US president Joe Biden is coming to the UKCredit: AP

When does Joe Biden arrive in the UK?

Biden is expected to arrive in the UK on Thursday, June 10.

The US president will depart Washington DC on Wednesday, on board Air Force One.

This is his first foreign trip since being elected to his position in January due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Biden is expected to have meetings with prime minister Boris Johnson the day he lands.

Where will Biden be landing?

Biden is expected to land at Newquay airport – Cornwall’s main commercial airport.

In the pre-Covid world, the modest airport would fly to destinations in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland.

Marine Force One – the US president’s helicopter – is believed to be in England ready for Biden to use.

According to reports, the US president is not bringing ‘The Beast’ – his famous Cadillac – as it’s too big for the Cornish roads.

Biden is set to meet German chancellor Angela Merkel for the first time since the US elections

Biden is set to meet German chancellor Angela Merkel for the first time since the US electionsCredit: AP

Why is Joe Biden visiting the UK?

Biden is visiting the UK for this year’s G7 summit.

The G7 summit – also known as Group of Seven – is an informal meeting between leaders of the wealthiest nations on the planet.

Biden and Johnson will be joined by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, French president Emmanuel Macron, German chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian PM Mario Draghi and Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga.

EU figureheads Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen will also be in attendance.

It will be Biden’s first face-to-face meeting with the aforementioned since the US elections.

The US president has highlighted the importance of the summit in an article for The Washington Post.

He wrote: “In the United Kingdom, after meeting with prime minister Boris Johnson to affirm the special relationship between our nations, I will participate in the G7 summit.

“This group of leading democracies and economies has not met in person in two years due to the coronavirus.

“Ending this pandemic, improving health security for all nations and driving a robust, inclusive global economic recovery will be our top priorities.”

G7 security – Osprey helicopters soar over Carbis Bay as Secret Service secures event in Cornwall


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