Will I need to wear a face mask at a nightclub or gig after July 19?

Big nights out are soon to make a return. (Picture: Getty)

Boris Johnson’s plans for the latest lifting of lockdown restrictions were announced today, July 5.

The fourth and final stage of lockdown-easing in the country was originally due to take place on June 21, but this was pushed back due to concerns over the Delta Covid-19 variant.

Now, the planned date is July 19, which will see the end of social distancing and the return of large-scale indoor events, including gigs and nightclubs.

But will ravers need to factor a face mask into their outfits? Here is all you need to know.

Do you need to wear a face mask in nightclubs?

You will not have to to wear a face mask in a club from July 19.

Brits might be used to things like cinemas reopening under the provision that face masks must be worn whenever you’re not eating or drinking, but under the next phase, the obligation to wear a mask will be scrapped as it becomes voluntary rather than mandatory.

women dancing in a club

You will not be legally required to wear a face mask in a club (Picture: Getty)

Environment Secretary George Eustice said last week there will be no ‘legal compulsion’ to wear masks after restrictions are lifted.

‘Whether there will still be some people who might choose to wear masks or whether it may be advisory in some settings, that’s a separate matter,’ he told Sky News.

‘But the objective of that final stage is to remove the legal requirement to do these things.’

However, scientist Professor Adam Finn, who sits on the Government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), has recommended people continue to wear a face mask ‘indefinitely’.

He told Sky News’ Trevor Phillips On Sunday programme: ‘Well on a personal level I shall certainly be continuing to wear a mask if I’ve got any symptoms or if I’m in an enclosed space with lots of other people for a prolonged period of time, indefinitely in fact.’

England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty outlined three situations in which you may choose to wear a mask.

The scenarios are as follows:

  • In any situation which in indoors and crowded/close proximity with people
  • If required to by any competent authority
  • As courtesy if someone else is uncomfortable with you not wearing a mask

It is likely that many may choose to continue to wear masks, as a YouGov poll published on Monday suggested 71% of Brits thought they should continue to be mandatory on public transport and 66% thought the rule should also remain in shops.

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