Woman raped by ex forced to pay for his visits with their child

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She has spent hundreds paying for a staff member who supervises the man’s contact with their child and hiring a contact centre (Picture: Getty)

A woman raped by her ex-partner has been forced to subsidise his visits with their child.

The mum, who can’t be named for legal reasons, is appealing against a family court ruling that states the former couple should share the cost of hiring a contact centre for the dad to see the child.

The child lives with the mother, who has also spent hundreds paying for a staff member to supervise the father’s regular contact as litigation continues.

It comes despite court documents showing the judge concluded the woman is a victim of domestic rape after considering her allegations about his behaviour.

The woman, who works in London, said: ‘I’ve been a victim of rape – the judge has ruled that he raped me when we were together.

‘But I’m having to share the cost of him having contact with our child. The victim is subsidising her abuser.’

A lawyer representing the victim says they hope the ruling can be overturned.

It comes after experts raised concerns of a ‘pro-contact’ culture.

In January, Claire Waxman, London’s Independent Victims’ Commissioner, said: ‘The family courts system is letting down children and survivors of abuse.

‘I am deeply worried by the severe lack of understanding of domestic abuse and trauma in the courts, and the fact that courts persist in prioritising contact between a parent and child – even when there are cases of domestic and sexual abuse.

‘Survivors and children are being put at risk due to this pro-contact culture.’

She added: ‘Pro-contact culture also means allegations of domestic abuse are being minimised and treated as irrelevant.’

A barrister who specialises in family court litigation also expressed similar worries in November.

Charlotte Proudman told The Guardian: ‘I’m seeing more and more that victims of domestic abuse are being ordered to pay 50% of child contact costs to alleged perpetrators.’

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