Woman reunites with wallet she lost 46 years ago working at a theater

Colleen Distin reunited with a wallet she lost in 1975 when she was in her early 20s (Pictures: KEYT)

A woman recovered her wallet nearly a half century after losing it while working on remodeling a historic theater in California. Colleen Distin reunited with her wallet that had her driver’s license expired in 1976, a 1973 Grateful Dead cocnert ticket and some old photographs.

Tom Stevens found the wallet among old ticket stubs, candy bar wrappers and soda cans in a crawl space at the Majestic Ventura Theater in Southern California. he then posted on Facebook hoping to find the owner.

‘Does anyone know Colleen Distin?’ he he wrote on the theater’s Facebook page. ‘While doing some maintenance we have found her wallet. There are a bunch of pictures of people, and they are super cool from that era also. Someone may want them. So if you are, or if you know Colleen, drop us a line and we will have it here for you!’

The post got nearly 1,000 shares and many comments.

‘I think it’s cool that people care and are interested,’ said Stevens’ boss Loanne Wullaert, who suggested including the details social media.

Distin eventually received a call and many messages online about the post. She claimed the wallet just a couple of hours after the post went live.

Opening her wallet was like cracking open a ‘time capsule’, Distin said.

She recalled losing her wallet in 1975 when she was in her early 20s at the theater that was a movie theater back in the day. She said the wallet had a $200 check and family photos.

‘I remember calling the next day when I realized it was gone,’ Distin said. ‘They said no one found it, but to call back, which I did.’

Distin told KCAL that she was ‘shaking’ when she looked through the wallet and saw photos of her high school friends, her $5 Grateful Dead ticket, pictures of her mother who died a few years ago and poetry and notes.

‘It’s really wonderful,’ Distin said.

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