Herd of cows escape slaughterhouse and take over California neighborhood

A herd of cows were filmed running through the streets in a California neighborhood after escaping from a slaughterhouse and going on the run.

At least 34 cows were spotted making their way down a street in Pico Rivera, Los Angeles, and even charged at cops who tried to round them up.

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s officer shot one of the escaped animals as authorities worked to prevent them from out-running the authorities, reports KTLA.

Most of the livestock were eventually loaded onto two trailers more than two hours after the initial report was received by police, but officer struggled to track down all of the animals, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputy Tracy Koerner told the Los Angeles Times.

The cows had apparently escaped from a slaughterhouse (Picture: Facebook)

One person was injured by the stampeding cows and transported to a hospital with unspecified injuries.

Startled residents told KTTV that they spotted the ‘loud’ animals making a dash for it through the neighborhood.

‘I didn’t know where they were coming from’, one man told the station, adding that law enforcement officials were quick to respond to the scene.

Another person said: ‘They were just going all over the place, getting out from the slaughterhouse, I guess.’

‘They took off running down Beverly and ended up in here’, one woman commented.

Video posted to Facebook shows the moment the herd of large cows went barreling down Durfee Avenue in the suburb before stampeding through a front yard, destroying a fence in the process.

In a tweet the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Pico Rivera station said its officers responded and were in the process of ‘moo-ving’ the cows’.

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