NYC mayoral election: Who is currently leading the race?

Eric Adams has emerged as the front runner to become the mayor of New York City in November’s general election (Picture: SWNS)

Former police captain Eric Adams has emerged as the front runner in the New York City’s mayoral race after taking a 10-lead in Tuesday’s Democratic primary vote.

The current Brooklyn borough president, Adams, 60, is now the overall favorite to succeed current city mayor, Bill de Blasio, in November’s general election.

He managed to get 30.95% (212,963) of 693,323 ballots counted while Maya Wiley, a 57-year-old attorney and former counsel to de Blasio, came in second place having achieved 21.96% (150,675) of the votes.

Kathryn Garcia, 51, who also used to work for de Blasio’s office, followed hot on Wiley’s heels with 20.25% (139,438) of the votes. Her disappointing result comes after she was tipped as an early favorite having gained an endorsement from the New York Times.

New York Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams leaves after voting at Thadeus Stevens School in Brooklyn, New York, for primary voting in the mayoral election. June 22 2021.

New York Mayoral candidate Eric Adams came out on top in the Democratic primary voting in the mayoral election (Picture: SWNS)

Another suspected front runner, Andrew Yang, a businessman who was ahead in early opinion polls in February, was forced to concede the race just before midnight after drifting to a distant fourth with just 11.65% (82,696) of votes.

The totals also do not include any of the absentee ballots cast in the election, which cannot be removed from their envelopes until next week as set out in law.

Speaking at an election night party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, last night, mayoral favorite Adams said: ‘New York City said our first choice is Eric Adams’, reports the New York Post.

He added: ‘Brothers and sisters, the race is not over but the movement is here. New Yorkers said the more we know Eric, the more we like Eric.

‘Tonight all of us, we are on the precipice of gaining the keys to the prosperity of our city.’

There were 13 candidates on the ballot and the winner of the Democratic primary will face off against the winner of the Republican primary vote in November’s all-important general election.

Photo of Bill de Blasio

Current NYC mayor Bill de Blasio has been in office for eight years (Picture: Reuters)

The Republicans only have two candidates in the race due to the 8-1 registration advantage Democrats enjoy in New York City.

Talk show host Curtis Silwa took a commanding lead over his sole competition Fernando Mateo as Republicans cast their votes last night. Silwa achieved 68.8% (34,758) of votes while Mateo received 27% (13,655).

When will the NYC mayoral election results be announced?

While it may appear clear that Adams is well ahead of the chasing pack a winner will not be announced until July due to the launch of the city’s ranked-choice voting system.

The RVS method of voting requires voters to choose their top five candidates and rank them from one to five on a ballot paper.

If one candidate is the first choice of a majority of voters – more than 50% – that person wins the race outright. But if that doesn’t happen then a process of elimination begins and votes from losing candidates are re-allocated.

The counting process begins with determining which candidate achieved the smallest number of votes in the first round, which knocks them out of the race.

In each round of counting that follows the candidate in last place is also eliminated, but then votes cast ranking that candidate first are redistributed to those voters’ second choices.

That process repeats until there are only two candidates left – and the one with the most votes wins.

Who are the top candidates?

New favorite Adams has promised to wage a war on crime in New York City if he is elected as mayor. He offered his resume as an ex-NYPD officer to voters as proof that he could help make the city’s police embark on new and progressive reforms.

New York Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams talks to the media and supporters after voting at Thadeus Stevens School in Brooklyn, New York, for primary voting in the mayoral election. June 22 2021.

Eric Adams speaks to his supporters during polling day on June 22 (Picture: SWNS)

New York City

New Yorkers have begun the process of electing a new mayor for the city (Picture: Getty)

A sharp increase in crime in New York City seemingly led many voters to opt for former cop, Adams, on their ballot, and a dramatic increases in gun violence is thought to have allowed him to consolidate the black vote in the outer boroughs.

Striking a similar tone, Wiley, announced her campaign in the aftermath of the police reform protests and in her campaign demanded the resignation of Police Commissioner, Dermot Shea, for his handling of public relations with New Yorkers.

Garcia, meanwhile, is best known for her status in the de Blasio administration and has offered her experience as the city’s Covid pandemic food ‘czar’ as proof of what she can achieve for the city. Garcia’s actions during the pandemic included ensuring that every New Yorker in need has access to food as well as introducing a free school meals scheme.

Speaking after yesterday’s votes were cast, Garcia said: ‘I have been out there talking to voters and they so desperately want things to be better.

‘I am excited about the possibility of rolling up our sleeves and getting it done.’

In conceding defeat surprisingly early, Andrew Yang told his supporters ‘I am not going to be the next mayor of New York City, based upon the numbers that have come in’.

How long does an NYC mayor serve?

The mayor of New York is limited to two consecutive four-year terms in office by law – but may run again after a four-year break.

The current mayor, Bill de Blasio, was elected on November 5, 2013, and was then re-elected for a second term on November 7, 2017.

He’s unable to stand for election again this year due to term limits and will be replaced by either one of the 13 Democratic mayoral candidates or two Republican candidates.

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