Stranger impersonating cop shoots two teenagers dead

Elwood Robinson (left) was convicted of impersonating a police officer and fatally shooting William Hughes (top right) and Jeremy Stewart (bottom right) (Pictures: Lee County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook)

A man has been found guilty of impersonated a police officer and then fatally shot two teenagers. Elwood Robinson, 48, was convicted on Thursday in the crime dating back to November 2018.

Robinson was driving his truck at Linwood, a popular gathering spot in Florida, and picked up a teenager who flagged him down and said he had no way to get home. Robinson identified himself as a policer and told the teen he had no reason to worry, according to WFTX.

The stranded teen told Robinson that he had run away from a bonfire because two people wanted to fight him, WBBH reported. Robinson reportedly told the teenage boy that he would handle the situation and gave him a cell phone to call the people.

Robinson used his truck to stop another teen from fleeing which led to a car chase that reached up to 100 miles per hour, the Fort Myers News-Press reported.

The teenager was able to get away but Robinson drove back to the gathering spot with the stranded boy riding in his truck and pulled a revolver on a teenage boy and a female who went back to the scene to get their car.

Robinson reportedly ordered the female to take the stranded teenager out of his truck and ordered the other teenage boy to lay with his hands behind his head on the ground. At that point, two friends got to the scene.

One of the friends pushed Robinson in an attempt to knock the weapon out of his hands, but once Robinson got back up, he shot the teenager he had ordered to lay on the ground. Robinson then fatally shot the teenage boy who shoved him. He shot one of them execution-style. Robinson also shot the female he ordered to take the stranded teen out of his truck, injuring her in the neck, shoulder and hand as she ran.

Robinson was convicted of the second-degree murders of William Hughes, 19, and Jeremy Stewart, 16. He was also found guilty of falsely personating a law enforcement officer, aggravated battery with a firearm and aggravated assault with a firearm. His sentencing has been set for August 10.

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