Christian Eriksen to be fitted with ICD heart-starter device in op after cardiac arrest following Euro 2020 collapse

CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN will be fitted with a heart-starter device following his cardiac arrest at the European Championships.

The Inter Milan playmaker collapsed on the pitch in Denmark’s opening game against Finland before being rushed to hospital.

Christian Eriksen will be fitted with a heart-started device following his cardiac arrestCredit: Reuters

Their team doctor Morten Boesen has now confirmed in a statement that Eriksen will be fitted with a Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator.

Boesen said: “After Christian has been through different heart examinations it has been decided that he should have an ICD (heart starter).

“This device is necessary after a cardiac attack due to rhythm disturbances.

“Christian has accepted the solution and the plan has moreover been confirmed by specialists nationally and internationally who all recommend the same treatment.


AN implantable cardioverter defibrillator or ICD is a small device that’s used to treat dangerously abnormal heart rhythms.

With each heartbeat there is an electrical signal that causes the heart o contract and pump blood.

But, in some people that doesn’t happen properly.An abnormal heart rhythm or arrhythmia is where the heart can beat too slowly, too fast or in an irregular way.

In some cases an arrhythmia can cause sudden cardiac death, which kills 100,000 people in the UK every year.

An ICD is the size of a matchbox and can be fitted to help regulate an abnormal heartbeat.

It’s placed under the skin, usually just below the collar bone, to monitor your heart rate.

Thin wires connect the ICD to the heart, where it constantly checks heart rate and rhythm.If an ICD notices a dangerous heart rhythm it can try to treat it in various ways:

1. Pacing – a series of low-voltage electrical impulses at a fast rate to try and correct the heart rhythm

2. Cardioversion – one or more small electric shocks to try and restore the heart’s normal rhythm

3. Defibrillation – one or more larger electric shocks to try and restore the heart’s rhythm.

An ICD is fitted under local anaesthetic and with sedation.

The op can take between one and three hours, and patients tend to have to stay overnight in hospital.

For more information visit the British Heart Foundation website.

“We encourage everybody to give Christian and his family peace and privacy the following time.”

An ICD is a device, usually fitted in your chest, that helps people with dangerously irregular heart rhythms and checks your beat all the time.

Ajax defender Daley Blind had an ICD fitted in December 2019 after being diagnosed with an inflammation of his heart muscle.

The Dutchman considered withdrawing from Holland’s Euros opener after seeing his former team-mate and friend Eriksen collapse.

He told Dutch broadcaster NOS: “Yesterday had a huge impact on me. 

“Besides the fact that I know Christian well as a friend, the situation for him is terrible. 

“Of course I have also experienced a few things in that area, so that I had to overcome a mental hurdle to play.

“I had a lot of trouble with it, but I’m proud that I did it. Then all the emotion comes out for a while.

“I’ve definitely thought about not taking part. The images and the moment had a lot of impact and I didn’t sleep very well because of them. 

“I really had to overcome a big hurdle to do this.”

Eriksen has been recovering in a Copenhagen hospital since the shock incident.

German doctor Jens Kleinefeld treated the Inter Milan midfielder on the pitch and opened up on the moment Eriksen regained conciseness.

Kleinefeld told Fox Sports: “About 30 seconds later, the player opened his eyes and I could talk to him directly.

“That was a very moving moment, because in such medical emergencies in everyday life, the chances of success are much lower.’

Kleinefeld asked Eriksen: “Well, are you back with us?”

Eriksen replied: “Yes, I am back with you. For f***s sake, I’m only 29 years old.”

The ex-Tottenham favourite took to social media on Tuesday to give fans an update on his recovery.

Posting a photo with his thumb up from his hospital bed, he wrote: “Hello everyone.

“Big thanks for your sweet and amazing greetings and messages from all around the world. It means a lot to me and my family.

“I’m fine – under the circumstances. I still have to go through some examinations at the hospital, but I feel okay.

“Now, I will cheer on the boys on the Denmark team in the next matches. Play for all of Denmark. Best, Christian.”

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