Scotland star John McGinn pokes fun at Cristiano Ronaldo with cheeky Coca-Cola joke at pre-England Euro 2020 presser

EURO 2020’s Coca-Cola subplot continues after John McGinn joked about the absence of the fizzy drink from his press conference.

The Scotland star was taking his seat to discuss Friday’s game with England when he noticed that he had only been provided with water.

Smiling, the midfielder asked ‘Nae Coke?’ before opening up the water – presumably earning Cristiano Ronaldo‘s approval.

The Portuguese forward set off something of a trend when shunning the carbonated beverage before discussing his side’s game with Hungary earlier this week.

Fans lapped up the 36-year-old’s encouragement that they choose water instead, although it was later pointed out that he has often promoted less-than-healthy food and drink options.

The incident saw Euros sponsor Coke’s shares on the New York Stock Exchange fall by 1.6 per cent to wipe £2.83billion off the company’s value.

But Uefa will not intervene to demand more respect for the money men.

A spokesperson said: “Players are offered water, alongside Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, on arrival at our press conferences. Everyone is entitled to their drink preferences.”

After France’s win over Germany on Tuesday, Paul Pogba moved a Heineken bottle aside before facing the media.

Like Coca-Cola, the beer manufacturer’s alcohol-free drink is a sponsor of the tournament, chiefly backing the Man of the Match award.

Manuel Locatelli also jokingly moved the sugary drink to one side after helping Italy beat Switzerland.

The Sassuolo ace made a point of placing a bottle of water directly in front of his microphone before moving the Coca-Cola out of shot, before letting out a cheeky smile.

Clearly not one to blindly follow trends, Russia coach Stanislav Cherchesov merrily drank the Coca-Cola bottle supplied for his media duties.

Italy ace Manuel Locatelli latest Euro 2020 star to remove Coca-Cola from press conference after Ronaldo’s snub


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