Yaya Toure bizarrely claims Eden Hazard is so good and difficult to get off ball because of Belgium star’s big BUM

YAYA TOURE has claimed that the real reason Eden Hazard is so difficult to get off the ball is not his quick feet but rather his big BUM!

The Manchester City legend admitted his amazement at how the Belgium captain uses his rear to block defenders attempting to tackle him.

Yaya Toure has claimed Eden Hazard is so good because of his big bumCredit: AFP

Hazard’s weight has been the topic of many debates since he joined Real Madrid – with a Spanish journalist even calling him fat on air in March.

The 30-year-old even admitted himself that he reported for pre-season training in the Spanish capital five kilos heavier than expected.

But Toure revealed Hazard’s derriere is his biggest asset after hailing the role a thick pair of cheeks can play in modern football.

He wrote in the Athletic: “It has almost become a joke how big his bum is, but it is very important to how he plays football.

“Hazard is so dangerous that when the ball comes to him, he has maybe less than five seconds before the opposition are on him – I know from my time at City, you want to limit his time on the ball.

“When the ball arrives at Hazard, he can already sense the opponent coming towards him, so he waits until the last moment and uses his bum to block them.

“It pushes the opponent away – almost like a punch – and then, when he has opened up that space between him and the defender, he will power away and start the attack.

“Other wide players use their bums this way, such as Antoine Griezmann for France, and you might see Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero use this at the Copa America, but there is no one better at it than Eden Hazard.

“The way he can control the ball after using his bum, the way he uses his bum and his body and his hips to protect the ball when defenders run at him, the way he can turn in any direction turn after the impact… it is unbelievable.”

Hazard’s bum completed their first 90 minutes for 19 MONTHS for Belgium last night.

The former Lille starlet playmaker captained his country in their final Euro 2020 group clash – a 2-0 win over Finland.

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