Facebook wants you to live in VIRTUAL home inside Zuckerberg’s metaverse

FACEBOOK says it’s building the next generation of the internet – and you’ll be able to live INSIDE it “soon”.

Billionaire Mark Zuckeberg’s top virtual reality official told journalists that the full “metaverse” is less than a decade away – but VR houses will be created imminently.

Your virtual home could be even better than your real oneCredit: Facebook

Facebook has revealed the future of virtual reality

Facebook has revealed the future of virtual realityCredit: Facebook

Hang out with pals in your virtual Facebook house

Hang out with pals in your virtual Facebook houseCredit: Facebook

Tech giant Facebook has poured billions of dollars into building the “metaverse” already – and recently vowed to hire another 10,000 staff to work on the project.

“This isn’t about spending more times in screens. It’s about making the time we already spend better,” said Zuckerberg, speaking about the metaverse.

“The next version of the internet can.”

Speaking to journalists including The Sun, Facebook VR boss Andrew Bosworth described the company’s bold vision.

“The metaverse is a set of virtual 3D spaces where you can share immersive experiences with each other when you can’t be together,” Bosworth explained.

“What comes after the internet? Instead of looking at a screen, you get to be in the experiences.

“You don’t have to experience it in VR. Most people initially will experience it on screens they already have.”

He described it as “the next generation of the internet”.

The comments come as the company hosts its annual Facebook Connect event, dedicated to new virtual reality and augmented reality tech.

Facebook has announced a host of new VR gizmos – mostly linked to Oculus Quest 2.

That’s Facebook’s $299/£299 VR headset, which is a cheap way to get room-scale virtual reality and hand-tracking without a connected PC.

One of the big announcements is Horizon Home, a brand new virtual house where you can hang out with friends.

Pals will be visualised with new and more lifelike avatars they’ve created.

And you can watch TV in your virtual home, play games and more.

Based on the current quality of Oculus, Facebook could easily have such a system up and running in a matter of weeks – but no firm date has been set.

Paired with Oculus Horizon Workrooms, you’ll be able to live, work and play all inside Zuckerberg’s virtual world.

Virtually real

Facebook is also adding Messenger calling inside VR so you can video call from the virtual world.

New fitness apps are coming to Oculus – and there’s an Active Pack with controller grips and a wipe-able “sweat interface”.

Several business upgrades are coming to Quest 2, including support for Work Accounts.

And you’ll be able to use apps like Slack, Dropbox and Facebook as 2D panel apps inside the Oculus headset.

Your Horizon Home will have a personal workspace environment inside of it.

And you’ll be able to customise this with logos, posters and designs.

Bosworth said that one day, the metaverse would support a whole economy inside it.

This would include interior designers for your home, and personal stylists for your avatars.

These professionals would be able to make a living inside VR one day, Bosworth told journalists.

Facebook has vowed to launch a $150million Facebook Reality Labs education program.

This will help to train creators of the metaverse, and increase access to VR devices.

Zuckerberg also announced that iconic Rockstar game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas would be coming to VR on the Oculus Quest 2.

You'll be able to connect with your friends through Facebook technology

You’ll be able to connect with your friends through Facebook technologyCredit: Facebook

If you're not living in the metaverse, are you really alive?

If you’re not living in the metaverse, are you really alive?Credit: Facebook

You'll be able to live, work and play in Zuckerberg's metaverse

You’ll be able to live, work and play in Zuckerberg’s metaverseCredit: Facebook

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