How to buy an Xbox Series X straight from Microsoft and avoid scalpers completely

MICROSOFT is giving gamers another chance to buy an Xbox Series X directly.

This means you can evade scalpers and buy the console at the recommend retail price.

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The Xbox Series X is in exceptionally high demandCredit: Microsoft

Countless desperate gamers have tried their luck with third-party stores, but stock vanishes fast.

Microsoft recently launched queueing system that reserves an Xbox for members of the Insider Program – and has just re-opened it for new applications.

“Today we’re introducing the Console Purchase Pilot,” said Xbox.

It allows “Xbox Insiders on Xbox One to register for a chance to reserve an Xbox Series X/S console.”

Bagging the sold-out console is now easier if you're an Xbox Insider

Bagging the sold-out console is now easier if you’re an Xbox InsiderCredit: Microsoft

The bad news is that this queueing system is currently only live in the USA.

However, it’s entirely possible that Microsoft could roll out the system to other countries in the UK.

Sadly there’s no word on such a move yet.

It’s also possible that you might not get a console even if you reserve one.

In a note, Xbox said: “Limited space is available and not all who register will be selected.”

That’s not all: you’ll also need to make the purchase from within an Xbox One.

To sign up for Xbox Insider, switch on your Xbox and go to the Xbox Store.

Search for the term “insider” then download the Xbox Insider app.

Once you load that up, you’ll be guided on how to join the service.

It’s totally free, and it’s the only way to take part in this new Xbox Series X reservation system.

The Xbox Series X and Series S are the latest consoles from Microsoft.

Anyone can sing up to the Xbox Insider Program for free

Anyone can sing up to the Xbox Insider Program for freeCredit: Microsoft

They’re the follow ups to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S respectively.

The Series X is all about power and performance, and is said to be so fast that it virtually eliminates loading times.

It’ll be capable of processing games in glorious 8K definition and render huge virtual worlds not seen in any console before it.

The Series S is a bit smaller and cheaper, with lower specs and no disc tray.

Gamers will have to download all of the titles they want instead of buying physical copies.

Both consoles launched on November 10 worldwide.

The disc-free Series S costs £249/$299, while the Xbox Series X comes in at £449/$499.

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